Thiphonia - Rage of the Gods :: Demo v0.20

by Zorc (PM)

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Game Language: English
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This game contains Violence, Blood, Gore, Mature or Offensive Language.

Game Description


Everything was peacefull until the day an weird clan that called them self Crystal Clan appeared. First they murdered people of any age in the way and plundered villages . The Dragonforce Clan maked it to their main duty to erase that inhuman clan from the world and so began war between them. After some years the Crystal Clan came up with an plan that throws the entire planet into eternal darkness and pain, and they are almost at their goal. But an small neutral village with some weird habits was attacked out of the nothing by a small group underlings of the Crystal Clan, and after that one of the villagers left the village to help out in this crisis.


I want to make this game without any bugs so please when you find an bug ingame report that per Privat Message to me that i can fix it as fast as i can and please vote the game.


1. You can put useable items like Potions into 5 special slots to use them quickly or put shields or weapons in it to switch quickly.
2. I´ve made an custom save system that asks you to overwrite an savegame with a different name.
3. There are 3 loading game slots and before loading there will shown details like current map, level, money and so on.
4. I made a time system with a 24 hour clock. (every second is a game minute)
5. The weather changes at 0 o´clock into Rain, Fog or Sunny.
6. You can mine Ores of different quality and sometimes get a rare gem.
7. you can use mined gems and minerals (after you maked them into bars) to forge equipment.
8. You have to collect "Craft Manuals" to let a smith make you equipment (to pervent overpowered characters right on the start and have the player to collect something)
9. You can go fishing at certain places (only in Yeayard Fields at this demo).
10. A quest log with a clear discreption.

.::Comeing Features:.

1. I am working on a pet system where you raise an pet that you can use in arena fights and multieplayer fights.
2. Boss fights which make fun to defeat and dont are some stronger monsters where you stand and hit for 2-3 minutes.
3. Different and difficulty dungeons to challange the player before they get something awsome (not connected to the main story).
4. A quest board where you see the infos of a quest beofre accepting them.

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Released: July 2, 2011, 23:24
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noeneto123: Great game! I'm like be a gameplay! The gameplay is cool! Congratulations for the game.

RPGCreator: Good, but not great