ViralHazard :: Beta v.3

by Lord_Flatexx (PM)

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Game Language: English
Game Category: Puzzle
This game contains Violence, Blood, Gore, Mature or Offensive Language, Mature or Crude Humor.

Game Description

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ViralHazard Teaser
That game was a mirror image of the famous success of Capcom's game "Resident Evil" as he is of type Survivor Horror, which blends features of terror mixed with action.It take place in a quiet town in Britain called Lorraine City, a typical country town where everyone knows everyone, few crimes occur close to nature ..... was the piece of paradise on earth, perfect location for a U.S. multinational install secretly one of its facilities to conduct research on biologic weapons.During one of these searches was discovered that a deadly virus was being studied to become a potent weapon of mass destruction, the H-Virus. Its features are:

1 - Up to 12 hours after infection the host has no symptoms;

2 - After 12 hours the host begins to develop a very strong fever;

3 - In response the body starts to sweat trying to expel the intruder;

4 - The weakness takes over the host body;

5 - Infecion eye tissue and its blood vessels rupture, releasing blood through tear ducts, this occurs when the host may already be dead;

6 - The host finally dies of a generalized infction;

Two minutes after death declared the host revive using the low activity of the brain that remains after death, this activity is so limited that only the basic functions "work" as: move, breathe and mutter a few groans (in an attempt to speaking);

8 - The memories, knowledge, all that the host holds in your brain before death gone.Eating instinct rise a lot,the host seek eat by any form (basic function of all living beings), inducing a state of anger in the host to attack all sources of meat in front;

9 - Once revived, the host only will calm down if he die again, and there is only one possible with a violent trauma in the brain or spinal, or with a very serious bleeding in some of the other organs;

Basically all infected with the H-Virus become zombies ..... so this company was seeking ways to control this virus genetically so that it only attacked certain targets, defined genetically.As shares and profits of Barellum Corp. would multiply if the results with the H-Virus that positive, and this aroused envy and greed of other companies in the business, then began a process of immense industrial espionage in which competitors of Barellum trying to find out where she keeps her inventory and files of the H-Virus Research. Apparently someone has found all the files about this virus stealing it, and also releasing samples of the virus trying to bury the Barellum Facilities,infecting everyone inside them, which he did not know someone could get off infected premises and infect the city. But something worse has happened not only infected could escape the laboratory but the virus somehow also escaped the facilities.

Thus small town and that would smooth the paradise on earth for hell on Earth where most became angry cannibals, and the few non-infected non hostent long this title. But amid this chaos are the heroes of the Forces Search and Rescue Forces(SARF - acronym in English)Police Lorraine City, Lieutenant Garry Freeman. He will have to suffer the ultimate sacrifice in the death of his sister and face all this horde of zombies and somehow able to escape this hell before the government takes some measure of containment of the virus.

guys for now is that!
Soon I'll post updates on the progress of the game.


LFP team.

PS.:My english is very poor, so sorry about post the description in using Goolgle Translate, so don't mind about some eventual mistake. Thanks XD


->Real Shotgun Reload System(works for the Winchester too);
->ASB System : System that create a shell on the floor after a shot;
->Gore System : System that make the characters blow blood after take a shot;
->Dozens of puzzles, that make the player to think during tha game;
->The game is a little huge, about 3hours, if you already know the aswers of the puzzles;

Plot (The so-called ;)):
You are Garry Freeman, an weapon specialist of SARF, the special force of Lorraine Police Department, you and your fellows didn't have to much work before the incident, only fews training exercises and some crazy guys trying to kill everyone on his way, but the most of time you didn't work.
But some day, Capitan Ivarov Górki, start an operation spreading all SARF group around the city in packs of two, you stays with your sister Jill Freeman(sorry about this name), but when you go to communicate her an horde of cannibals invade her apartment and kill Jill, having no choice you jump out by an window and start YOUR operation, survive!

->Side stories;
->Mini-games , that unlocks infinite ammo and other bonus;

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Released: July 12, 2010, 16:13
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dragonnutds: if each comment rates. i am sorry for the 1, i rerated 10.

archangel: I love the environment in this game dude, really nice work it looks like a real zombie apocalypse, I rated it as a 10 xD

minato: Wow, great game!

Wonderland: Wow! This game couldn't have a better atmosphere. It looks like a real zombie infested city.

noeneto123: Minha nota foi 9 pelo otimo desempenho nos tile sets e muito gampley, estas de parabéns, só não foi um 10 pela grande dificuldade em algumas fases...

Tabula Rasa: Love those zombie games. :) Seriously, this is one of the better ones.

xboxown: However, I would give it 10 if have fixed the bug with saving game. For some reason you cannot save in this game. What a shame :( I so wanted to finish it.

Tehufn: Good job, this is kind of creepy

Derminore: its a meh game but it can get o wohoo with some work ;)

Lord_Hades: o jogo é bom, e como meu amigo noneto disse, só não é um 10 por causa da grande dificuldade.

archlord666: Good game, even if the collision block are not custom. If they were it would be better. However, i got a problem when i tried to save obliging me to start all over again :(. I will try the other project but it is already a great work.