Voyage for Vengeance :: v1.5

by miroki123 (PM)

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Game Language: English
Game Category: Action RPG
This game contains Alcohol, Drugs, Mischief, Violence, Blood, Gore, Mature or Offensive Language, Mature or Crude Humor.

Game Description

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Released on May 2nd, 2011

WARNING: If you're downloading a new version, it is highly recommendable that you start a new game.

"1989 - Gordon Ruger died in a car accident." That's what's written on his tombstone. He's left a son and a daughter orphans since then, but they KNOW it wasn't a simple car accident. And they know that because they were taught, since they were kids, everything about supernatural creatures and phenomena by their father. It was a demon, no doubt about it. Either way, at that time, John and Sarah were too young to even have a chance to fight against this demon, which they didn't even know. Six years after his death, after an incident, probably planned by the demon, they decided to hunt him down.
On your hunt of revenge, you're in control of John and Sarah.

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Released: May 2, 2011, 18:39
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todydejaca: Best game aroud here! The gameplay is quite awesome, and it have a really cool history (Inspired by Supernatural)

Darkvoid: Excellent game, has always been my favourite 001 Game. The story is good, the gameplay is great (the difficulty makes it interesting) and it's one of the few games on this site that I've played for hours and hours. 10/10

Tabula Rasa: A great Supernatural-style game from start to finish. The Point-and-Click crosshair makes shooting intense and a lot more fun. Because now I can shoot at things WHILE WALKING BACKWARDS! Only complaint is that the game can get slow at times, especially in cities with a flashlight on.

Drakula_Ryuuzaki: This is one of the BEST games of 001

Zoraculus: Very nice game, nice story, gameplay, sound,

tfkmaster: It is wonderful ^^

Lukaaaz BR: This game is the best!

Mike Stephen: I like the game!

noeneto123: Perfeito, graficos e tudo esta perfeito...

PEOFerraz: Very, Very Good!!!

kcsqq2: Haha, this game reminds me of Supernatural!

Aut: Good... Very good game!

xboxown: Excellent game!! Rate -> 10!

doom arts: no meu nao deu pra salvar

patatoface: this game is just great, the interfaces and the gameplay are really nice... yeah

Zorc: Its a nice game and the story is well done too (and supernatural is one of my favorit series)

Cyber Crimson: One of my favorite game at 001 ! Nice work !

RamchuK_Ntertainment: Definitely a great game. Have to be honest. One of the first games that I really loved on 001.

wkwkwkwk1: Great! How do you walk backwards? And aim with the mouse? And go to an area with your car? Great work!

Sketch: The shooting interface is pure genious. Never has shooting thing been so relaxed now that you can walk backwards! A very involved game

SaturnJohn: It isn't bad. but it slows my computer down to snail speed. and this computer's slow enough as is.

Grisson: excellent! Rate -> 8!

Lord_Hades: muito bem feito mesmo!!

tuliron: One of my favorite games

TrueBladeKing: Epic game and nice story! and its fun when the car exploders.... BUT I WAS GOING TO SAVE!!

Pipo96: I love the story and the shocking parts in the story, it got me a bit addicted to the game, Nice job on the game!

Even123: Great Game! EPIC!!

RPGCreator: Good, but I find it very difficult.

Lidemberg Sousa: good, good, good, good...