Warrior RPG

by tracelight24 (PM)

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Game Language: English
Game Category: Uncategorized
This game contains Violence, Blood.

Game Description

This is sort of like a draft to a full length game I might create sometime in the future, but for now, enjoy.

Sorry for any bugs etc. I'm not an expert Eng001 user. Post any comments, suggestions, or errors, please.

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You start out in your village where there are many merchants and quests. There are weapons and armor available. You are on a quest to become a master warrior... you are admired by your fellow villagers as well as strangers from other towns.

Though the plot is not my strongest, this game is mainly an rpg. Sorry there are no weapon holding frames, I was too lazy. But its still fun, just remember, not all areas are available, because the game isn't in its full version. Have fun though!

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Released: May 9, 2008, 21:16
Total downloads: 186.
Users downloaded: 107

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