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Game Language: English
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This game contains Mischief, Violence, Blood, Gore, Mature or Offensive Language.

Game Description

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You were shot and left for dead by a NA7 soldier when you were only 12, you almost slipped into a coma, a month later you got better, but you forgot your name,you then went by the name Lexter. A month later you turned 13. At 14, your best friend was then killed, by the NA7's Leader, and only increased hatred over the NA7. Youu turned 16 then you joined the KA2, so that you could repay them for saving you and taking car of you for the 4 years, but most of all
to avenge Jacks. You are now 19 and the youngest in the military to be able to A class missions, and a new mission just came in... You will meet a young woman that'll become your "Big Sister" But will both of each other's secret love.
But you've been shipped out to an enemy base in the middle of Antarctica, and your job is to assassinate the leader of the NA7 military, his name is Cutch, who also happened to kill your best friend, Jacks. While plowing through endless packs of robots, drones and sentrys, you will get help from Monica, one of the "Big Brothers" and "Big Sisters" They watch over the military and see if everyone
is doing alright and also are a support and helping hand. But Monica is in love with you, but can't tell you, you also love her too, but there is to much to risk if you tell eachother. In the mission you will encounter insanely stong and hard-to-kill enemys. You will have to work your way up to the top and kill the man who killed your friend...
Features ~
Theatrical Teaser out!
Very, Very first part.
Face Graphics made with Face Maker 3.2 Beta.
Bosses ~
~ T.A.L.C (Titanic Assualt Laser Cannon "Sentry")
~ Blast Master (Automatic Rocket Launching Drone "Drone")
~ Striker (Super fast melee weilding pycho "Robot")
~ Steel (Super Tranced Electric Epulsion Lancer "Drone)
~ Cutch (Your target and your friends murderer)
Enemys ~
Spike Drone
Surveilence Drone
T.A.N.K "Sentry"
Metal Man "Robot"
NA7 Soldiers
Music ~
MIDI's of...
My Own Summer
Man in a Box
End of All Hope
And We Die Young
Death Blooms
Freak On a Leash
(Alot More)
Jump in the Fire
Completely custom weapons...
~M248T Sniper, Minipunt, Mr. Freezy Freeeze, AA-28.
(Many More too Come!)
Thermometer (Indicates current body temp.)
Custom Health Bar
Character's Face

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Released: August 1, 2010, 1:41
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