Battle On Mars :: Quick Demo v1.0

by JamX (PM)

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Game Language: English
Game Category: Uncategorized
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Game Description

Did it as an english assignment, but decided to submit it as a contest game (just to see how it'd do). It has no menu, game launches from beginning. It is automatically 2-player.
p1 -w/s choose, a/d make selection
p2 - left/right arrow choose, up/down arrow make selection

Credits to SE:
Mark E Buckland (Flashkit)

Due to a bug you might have to resize the window.

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Released: July 30, 2011, 23:08
Total downloads: 189.
Users downloaded: 151

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haraldx: Good concept, visuals worked pretty well. Shame it was 2 players only and didn't have a main menu or something like that. Great job nonetheless.

noeneto123: Very funny tower defense!

Dunce: I'd love to see a continuation or re-imagining of this game. 001 needs more of these.

K-Pone: I like this game since it's some kind of the "Age of war" flash game I found on a games site, but this time it's for two players. Well done.

Indiana 266: This is a really good concept, it's unfortunate that you didn't finish a menu in time though.