Cookie Clicker :: Full Game Ver: 7

by Merlin_Kalkinput (PM)

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Game Description

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Click the hypnotic spinning cookie, to receive cookies, buy items in the cookie shop to help you achieve a higher cookie grabbing rate, and earn trophies for completing tasks!


4 different unlockable cookies!

8 different, scrumptious, soundtracks of music, and you get to choose which song is playing!

Powerups and upgrade-able items to buy in a separate interface called the Cookie Shop!

Earn Achievements as you play! (Currently 14)

Version 7:

1)4 new items to buy in the shop!

2)3 new unlockable vanity skins for your cursor

3)Revamped music options from a message box, to a custom interface

4)Updated the look of all of the miner items

5)Cursors are now free, but must be unlocked through leveling up, gaining cookies, or other various means.

6)Notification pop-up window updated with the newer items, and some of the older ones

7)General glitch fixes

(For best game-play do not play in full screen)

If you update your save games might become corrupt, sorry, there's no way around this.

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Released: November 9, 2014, 21:23
Total downloads: 169.
Users downloaded: 122

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tonywelch15: WOW an good achievement system and a great game to play9/10 this game is my fav and i'm always downloading every update to it

creativeminds: Good game! enjoyed it. 8