Driller :: GG Maker 1.015

by reaper2259 (PM)

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Game Description

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Driller is a 2D Top Down mining game where you play as a mining tank beneath the surface of the earth, the goal is to mine ores and get as many points as possible before being destroyed by the enemies.

Use W,A,S,D or Arrow keys to move.
Use Exit,Enter or Space to Pause.
Use the mouse to interact with menus.

The points are as follows
Enemy Bug = 1 Point
Enemy Bat = 2 Points
Dirt Ore = 1 Point
Stone Ore = 2 points
Iron Ore = 3 Points
Copper Ore = 4 Points
Gold Ore = 5 Points
Silver Ore = 6 Points
Ruby Ore = 7 Points
Sapphire Ore = 8 Points
Emerald Ore = 9 Points
Diamond Ore - 10 Points

Currently there is no way to Heal.

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Released: September 5, 2015, 22:28
Total downloads: 53.
Users downloaded: 34

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