Experiment X :: Game v1.0

by 11th Hour (PM)

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Game Language: English
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Game Description

You are a black blob of slime that has recently escaped from a science laboratory. You a tyring to get back to the toxic waste dump where your DNA was first discovered.

Cool Features:

Randomized Levels - there are two levels for almost every level. So you'll start in one of the two first levels then progress to one of the two second levels etc.

Custom menu and resources - Everything in this game was designed by me including the main menu. The only thing I did not design was the music.

Custom poses there is 4 custom poses for the main character; including a stealth mode and a pushing pose.

I apologize for there being not title screen picture but I tried a number of pictures and it just looks best as plain black.(ANY BUG REPORTS IMPROVEMENT IDEAS AND ANYTHING ELSE YOU SEE WONG WITH THE GAME PLEASE TELL ME. I want this game to be perfect because it's for my dads birthday.)

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Released: July 12, 2011, 10:15
Total downloads: 201.
Users downloaded: 154

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Dunce: This was an interesting game, but I felt the levels could be longer. Any chance of a sequel?

falcon: The game is very well done, it have good graphics and everything go in perfect order without any bug, that is very rare to see, but it must have much stages because it is very but as dunce said and is true the game is very short and the story is week but it still an excellent game of engine 001.

Indiana 266: I forgot to vote on this(months), so I've forgotten how it played, hope it turned out good.