LeafLand- a dip in time

by cats11112 (PM)

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Game Language: English
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Game Description

Leafland is the next in the series from fireline. Cats11112 defeated the one armed devils in fireline but some people get sent back in time including you! it is now your mission to get back to you own time and deafeat whatever has sent you back. you will have to go back and foward in time, though wars, weird creates and ancient people to get there. good luck!

(this game was made about a year ago so it will not have the same standard as the rest- remember it is still a demo)

this is part two of three in the demo series, fireline is first and there both in demo stage and were both made a yearish ago. Leafland is 100% playable without playing fireline.

Have fun, and see if you can get the code when you have reached the end of the game.

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Released: May 24, 2008, 10:53
Total downloads: 168.
Users downloaded: 110

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