Reincarnation of Silver Spirit :: Project Canceled

by Cyber Crimson (PM)

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Game Language: English
Game Category: Uncategorized
This game contains Violence, Blood, Gore.

Game Description

Reincarnation of Silver Spirit is a traditional Action-Role Playing Game.Before starting the game,you'll be asked a few questions to determine your appearance,skill,and alignment.The story began in a peaceful country called the "Mymorodian Kingdom" has begun to start a siege to conquer it's arch rival,"Falkon Kingdom".The Mymorodian Kingdom started to gather an elite army which their mission is to attack the Falkon Kingdom.You (The Hero) finally decided to join the Mymorodian Kingdom.The siege time has come,the War Leaders gathered at the Rende Town,which established to attack the Falkon.The Mymorodian Army started the war campaign and conquered the Falkon.The remnants of Falkon Kingdom retreated to the Black Wood and establish the Forester's Freedom Rebellion which it's main campaign iis to regain Falkon to it's former glory.The Rebellion quickly take the Wallascko,one of the Falkon's Fortress.And that is an anxiety for the Mymorodian Army.Mymorodian Army became a corrupt Kingdom after the King Orin's death.This is the golden opportunity for the Rebellion.The rebellion quickly regained a half of Falkon's former territory,the Mymorodian's new king,King Zetta,cannot manage the country well.The rebellion has a very big advantage and successfully conquered a half of Mymorodian's territory.The Mymorodian Kingdom's Royal Court has formed another rebellion,Called Royal Court Rebels.With 2 rebellions know,Mymorodian Kingdom become weakened in both military and politics power.Now is your decision to leave the Mymorodian Army and join the Royal Court Rebels or stick with the Mymorodians.
Characters in this game is edited from the Disgaea Series that ripped by Crimson Penguins.Please let me know if there is a bugs or errors.

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