RpgOne :: Demo 1

by evergreen (PM)

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Game Language: English
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Game Description

my first attempt at a game

has some custom reasorses

Story line:
When your friend ryan is found to have been attacked and in a coma, you and two others set off to find a cure and to find the culprit, but not everything goes to plan- you end up dragged into stopping a plot to find an anchient artifact that, if in the wrong hands can..... do somthing bad, im not sure what yet lol.

when its finished, it will include 5 highly interactive towns, more then two hours of gameplay, more then eight different huds customisable by the player and mini games which can be unlocked through codes and secret keys found throughout the game.

at the moment it includes the introduction movie, 12 paths, 3 challenging forests full of bats snakes and wolfs, the first boss and some of the first town

since its incredibaly bloated, it will probably never be uploaded, sorry

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