Survive or Shamble :: wip

by DeathBoxDeadBoxHead (PM)

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Game Language: English
Game Category: Uncategorized
This game contains Alcohol, Mischief, Violence, Blood, Gore, Mature or Offensive Language, Mature or Crude Humor, Nudity or Sex.

Game Description

Survive or Shamble 2.0 has taken alot of time as I was always being interrupted in the middle of working on it. As well as trying to juggle work,my future wife,and my friends and other projects.

Anyway This is the work in progress SorS has come a long way from its humble begging as Abraxas. Now much has changed A class system for starters at the very begging of the game, five separate classes "still gotta get the stats working right"

New weapons, a few new area's I still have alot of work to do. I am actually working right now! this game is only gonna get better!

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