The Search :: Demo 1.25.3

by reaper560 (PM)

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Game Language: English
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This game contains Violence, Blood, Mature or Offensive Language, Mature or Crude Humor.

Game Description

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Demo Updates
♦Guns are now automatic.
♦Boss now has HUD.

In the game, you're Jake, a military soldier (sgt.). Your partner, Mickey, is a Corporal, and you guys have been paired up to do some work behind the scenes. However, your work stopped when you were betrayed... Betrayed by the US Army. And ever since you've escaped their corruption, you've been on a search for answers.

I thought it was kind of original, considering the fact that people are always portraying America as 'the good ones'. So, I want to see what it's like to have the Army as a villain .

Demo Features:
♦ A pretty lengthy demo - 10 minutes.
♦ "The American Force" as villains
♦ Mouse Customization!
♦ Boss battle
♦ Difficult Levels
♦ Multiple areas to fight (from Memphis to the White House)
♦ Make choices that affect how the game plays out

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Released: October 15, 2011, 13:14
Total downloads: 125.
Users downloaded: 66

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Aleff Correa: America For The Win! Or for the lose...? Play this game and find out! Very cool :)