The Voice of Hell :: DEMO v0.90

by Zorc (PM)

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Game Language: English
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Game Description


Satan wants the power of an White Soul Skeleton because this species has the ability to get control over the enemys soul after they defeated them. And Satan fears that some day a White Soul skeleton gets even mightier than him so he hunted every of them to make some brutal tests with them.
You as the only one free White Soul Skeleton have to defeat satan and receive the Voice of Hell to be the Ruler of the Hell. Thats the only way to free every White Soul Skeletons ...


Y/Z: Use Weapon
X: Use soul
Space/UP: Jump
C: Use Shield
Tab: Open/Close Map
Esc: Open/Close Menu


There r still many bugs with the collision and with the interface maybe some small bugs that im trying to fix.

Pleas vote the game after testing thx ^^

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Released: January 1, 2011, 17:48
Total downloads: 183.
Users downloaded: 137

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paciulli: Thanks man, that is a the best game continue in good work!