The Xeron Project :: Demo v0.11

by TheSchmittMeister (PM)

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Game Language: English
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This game contains Violence, Blood, Mature or Offensive Language.

Game Description

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Half-Update: Beginning is a bit more realistic, Replaced the poisonous gas with a better particle effect. You can also listen to different music i plan to use on the terminal in the starting room...
Update: Music, Sound effects, A loading screen, various fixes and a heads up when the demo ends.

Quick demo of the start and tutorial... If you are downloading this, you pretty much being a beta tester... Just let me know of any bugs...
When you start, there is a note on the table that'll explain a bit... HAVE FUN!


The year is 2125. Britain is in civil war. The government are constantly changing of laws and investing in bizzare ideas, making a very large buisness corporation; Omicron Technologies, nearly bankrupt... After being funded by an unknown contact, The Omicron Corp. wage war on the government beginning the third English civil war. Their plan is to overthrow the government and run the country THEIR way which would lead to the third world war after nuking such countries such as Iraq which they've brought up many times in political meetings...
Both Sides are developing a Superweapon to end the war for sure... It's all a matter of who finishes first.

-Numerous paths
-Hacking System
-Lots and Lots of custom stuff :D

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Spartan225: Very Interesting Demo ^_^