VG Unlimited :: v0.002j rev2

by hikaru702 (PM)

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Game Description

General information: Fan-made OFFLINE Demo game that shows that an semi-automated Cardfight against AI.


Due to certain circumstances, the file could not be uploaded... WHY!?
Oh well, if you want to download it, try googling for it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Google: cardfight wikia vgunl reference


An alternate version of VG Unlimited. Tried to clean the scripting in this version, and yet, I failed utterly.
- Errors can be reported on my blog @Cardfight Wikia

# G-Series cards? I won't add them. But that doesn't mean that I won't add Stride and G-Assist mechanic!
# And for tutorial, google 'cardfight vanguard standard fight rules' and click "I'm feeling lucky" (I'll put in-game tutorials in future, maybe)
# And for navigation during cardfight, TAKE IT EASY! and just try clicking on things. (I'll try to improve the interface)
# Defayult screen size is now 800x600. I'm now trying to make a resizable game screen.
# Current total fightable AI is 7. Each with different decks, different play-style and different guarding method. Testing purpose.
# The DL size keeps getting bigger and bigger, first it was around 40MB, but now... 110MB? I feel like compressing the music more, but I really don't want to further lower the quality.

So what's the difference between this and the old one?
- Lock system, Break-Ride and Legion implemented
- New VS selection (before was just deck list to battle)
- Booster packs are not available anymore. Will be available later.


Current TD available:
All non G-Series TD are available.
Except for MTD01 (Deletor Link Joker)


◾ Speed x2 is bugged - many things will end up unexpected (engine erra?) so only use the speed x2 at your own risk. Or just don't use it if it's possible.
◾ Low PC (2.6Ghz and below): Turtle Speed

Update: 06/20/2015 (mm/dd/yyyy)

◾ Extra Booster 11 added.
◾ Cirno AI added

It's been a while since I've made this game...


Some notes about the words:
◾ TD: Trial Deck
◾ SDM: 'Scarlet Devil Mansion' of Touhou Project
◾ Rev: Revision (additional update for the version, usually bugfix)
◾ Pre: Pre-release (early release, many bug, untested)


Note: BGM is 100% Touhou Fanwork. Current theme is 'Touhou' until there is significant improvements on this game :P (this means that most/all characters, sprites and images will be based from Touhou Project)

Character artwork used: Dairi from pixiv / はるかさん from
I'm sorry for using this without your consent, but, thank you very much and I truly like your work - ZE!!

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Knight: Please continue with the excellent job!!

gerardred: Seems you like to watch touhou and cardfight vanguard :)

EvilEpicNub: The graphics and music are simply amazing for a demo! 10/10!

Pablo1990: This game is amazing! I always wanted to play vanguard on a computer.

Zwitfire: I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong but all I saw after the loading screen were purple leaves falling down for 2 minutes. Shut it down afterward. Although I don't want to downrate a game for this, I'm going to stick with a 6, for the screens. I always appreciate custom artwork.

Merlin_Kalkinput: I found it kind of difficult to get used to. I also saw that you can only be a female, which is kind of weird.