nintendo adventure

by Bowser09 (PM)

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Game Language: English
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Game Description

this is a game where you fight through six levels of characters from diffrent games and some i made up. the reason it is nintendo adventure is because most of the characters are from nintendo. there are also some secrets to be found so keep your eys open. you have to find out the character controls in diffrent parts of the area. theres not much else to say so im going to do this/ kjgh dgh kjhg dkurgdfh uifd tighr igog idru iouthg huhrd it drot rg hu tir ih irstgih iuihierj pire gpruh ipguhughiurrhguh dishgirgurj pg ipudfhgpordhgoprdh gghrhgrh ufhgudrh iudf gdsh seguiea t hrttiuer regiuhieruh uidf guiregu re uireioshyg osurdti uthgoigtiouheriothgriodut goieurt tuh ijhretiuhureo ihft hfthgig utjgigt jfjrhjgn ujjgh jhjtgjhrdn ;kljgnmndfgoihjs hgoihdgnlj jusdkjgsjgt u;jktr;kjtg jusjkthkldrgf jxjdfgjkhrsd

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