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by RamchuK_Ntertainment

SNAKE-X is a classic revive of the infamous Nokia SNAKE game, but from a modern perspective. Minimalistic in design, it is a dedicated attempt to reinvent the arcade spectacular and challenge players in a truly vigurous environment. Simple to play bu ...
Cutlery and a ToasterCutlery and a Toaster Model: 0x01
by tridecagon

Have you ever gotten an irresistible urge to shove unlimited cutlery into an infinitely-large toaster? Me neither, but now you can in this highly-unrealistic math-and-puzzle-based game.

This is just a demo and there is more to come. ...
D_pleXD_pleX v0.3
by RamchuK_Ntertainment

Your ordinary Match 3 meets 001, it’s an epic story. Quite frankly, this is more of a 48-hour design challenge that ended up no place; not even with a main menu. Just sit down, relax, and swipe some points while you’re at it. Maybe you can also i ...
Synergy With Evil - Capítulo 3Synergy With Evil - Capítulo 3
by Pixren

— Capítulo 3: Revelações —
Agora você está na pele de Heitor, que após seguir sua irmã, acaba indo parar em um orfanato. Heitor tenta entender o que sua irmã quer lhe dizer e o que aquele lugar representa para ele.

— Sinopse —
Qu ...
Synergy With Evil - Capitulo 2Synergy With Evil - Capitulo 2 Fix v0.1
by Pixren

** Esse é o objetivo. E sim, os capítulos fazem parte de apenas um jogo só. **
.:Capítulo 2: Os olhos de Ayzael:.
James é atormentado por fragmentos de memórias de funcionários e pacientes. Tentando entender o que está acontecendo naquele l ...
Synergy With EvilSynergy With Evil Capitulo 1
by Pixren

.:Capítulo 1: Os pacientes:.
James atende a um chamado no Hospital Psiquiátrico de Warveys Lands, mas coisas estranhas começam a acontecer, ele começa a ver memórias de pacientes e funcionários do Hospital. Sem ter para onde voltar, James cont ...
Abemo! Esta Perto!Abemo! Esta Perto!
by Taytchu Gamer

Sim esses dois jogos estão de volta com mais perigos que antes!

Você jogou "Ábemo"? E "Pule! Está Perto!"?

Agora, apresento a você um novo jogo, que é um incrivel fusão "Ábemo! está perto!"

Baixe agora e se aventure pulando de um la ...
RainfallRainfall Demo
by gerardred

"There was once a nameless child whom possess no memory and is living in a special orphanage. There, he lives with other children whom befriended with him. On a particular day, he followed a strange shade. And then..."

The game heavily involves ex ...
Paint CubesPaint Cubes v1.3
by JamX

Paint Cubes is a puzzle game where the objective is to paint all the outlined boxes the correct color. Avoid the deadly dark tiles, spikes, and flip your cube to victory.

Check the forum topic for access to the source project. ...
Seguindo a receitaSeguindo a receita Completa
by Taytchu Gamer

Um jogo simples produzido por Vinca, com 2 opções de idioma Português e Inglês. Este pode ser jogado sozinha porém foi criador para jogar com 2 pessoas. Com o meu desenvolvimento de técnicas novas de save fiz este jogo de 2 jogadores abrir em d ...
Project GeminiProject Gemini Contest Build
by Arseo

Since the beginning of time, man has often wondered what the meaning of dreams were. Some believe they are prophecy. Others, the mind's way of dealing with the stress of life. And yet some believe that the dreams we have are actually reality, and wha ...
A World of His Own: Project SilenceA World of His Own: Project Silence Demo 1
by Arseo

Ian Michaels wakes up to find himself in a dark basement. The last thing he remembers just prior to waking up is driving home from work. With no memory and being locked in a house where things are not what they seem, he must find out what happened to ...
Complicated GalleryComplicated Gallery 1.02
by Morpheus Kitami

A horror adventure game, made in the style of the more insane Sierra games, set in an art gallery, one that exists in a realm not quite our own, filled with curators who are actively seeking your death, filled with bizarre puzzles that only a madman ...
Workspace Demo v0.1
by Fallingfeather

Join a small village orphan girl named Jamie as she begins her quest to search for her father, who went missing over a year ago when he traveled to a mysterious tower. This game was made for for my school, so I could teach myself about making video g ...
Afraid: The RecordingAfraid: The Recording Demo v.3
by gerardred

I received a letter from an anonymous person. "Please visit a mansion known as the witches mansion.It wouldn't be surprising if you forgot about me, but please help me ! I have an unfinished business there !" Written in the letter. I drove into the s ...
by tecnotoad

an idea that i had about a choose your own adventure story about a lesbian fawn girl that had to kill a monster girl to become a fawn WOMAN but she ends up falling in love with the monster girl that she should've killed, there's multiple endings and ...
Insanity: AloneInsanity: Alone Demo V.0.3
by gerardred

Lost In The Middle In Nowhere You Desperately Search A Shelter, After Entering A bizarre Building You Soon Realize That You Are Trapped Inside An Abandoned Asylum, Will You Keep Your Sanity Alive ?
(Please Vote And Comment After You Downloaded It)
Scry: Beginning (Read Description First)Scry: Beginning (Read Description First) Demo v2.0
by ToxicMonsters


SCRY DEMO v2.0 is now out.

I changed a whole lot of things in the demo level!

I had actually attempted to add a candle to the persons ...
Ball BouncerBall Bouncer :: 8.36 v1
by Mr.Numbers

This is a free to play game brought to you by Mr.Numbers Productions.

The goal of the game is very simple, using your mouse bounce the ball from the start to the finish. Though this sounds easy enough some levels may be fairly difficult at first t ...
--> Beyond the Clans <-- a Warriors RPG -- --> Beyond the Clans <-- a Warriors RPG -- Demo v1.0
by FantasyFreak

A game by Mistwhisker
**This is a short demo version!**

A RPG based on the Warriors series, Beyond the Clans is unlike any games of this type you've played before! In this story- and puzzle-based game, explore a completely original storyline and ...
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