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WarWar 1,0
by cabrali

War e um jogo simples de um nivel, onde você deve proteger suas defesas e invocadores dos piões inimigos e derrotar as defesas e invocadores inimigos para chegar no alvo central. Você ira infrentar , gladiador, Bruxa e Globin derrotando eles você ...
Battle AgeBattle Age 0.1
by cabrali

Jogo simples baseado em tabuleiros, onde você usara 3 monstros para defender sua base do inimigo e terá que tentar destruir a base inimiga e seus 3 monstros, vence quem derrotar a base primiro.

Modo de jogo simples, basta usar a as teclas de mov ...
Unnamed Strategy Prototype v1
by Not Me

A tech demo for a strategy game where you install satellites into points which are placed on a map to destroy nests while defending your base from enemies.

Graphics are not finalized, nor is anything particularly well balanced.

My goal in uploa ...
AbemoAbemo Completa
by Taytchu Gamer

Demorou mas continuei e agora o Ábemo está completo para download de graça!
"Ábemo" é um jogo bem simples porém há um grande nível de dificuldade neste jogo para sertos tipos de usúarios. O objetivo deste jogo é proteger bolhas de serem at ...
Pule! Esta perto!Pule! Esta perto! Completa
by Taytchu Gamer

Produção Vinca e Taytchu gamer apresentam este novo jogo bem fácil de jogar, "Pule! Está perto!" Este jogo apresenta gráficos estilizados como Nintendo e possui um nível alto de dificuldade, porém com o tempo todos aprendem a jogar e percebem ...
KrownKrown 2.02a
by joedapro67

For two centuries the grand kingdom of Koosh lived in a time of peace and plenty. Legend claimed that their good fortune was due to the aid of an ancient krown, enchanted by a wizard of great power eras ago. It was protected by seven Defender ...
Warcraft LegacyWarcraft Legacy Version: 0.75
by A+D Ga mes

Description: Warcraft Legacy is a 2D fantasy cross between RPG and RTS. It contains two different modes: Story mode, where you customize your own hero and “make your own destiny” and Scenario mode, where you build and compete against an opposing ...
AbemoAbemo Demo
by Taytchw

"Ábemo" é um jogo bem simples porém há um grande nível de dificuldade neste jogo para sertos tipos de usúarios. O objetivo deste jogo é proteger bolhas de serem atacadas por estrelas e triángulos usando uma barra preta que se movimenta em dir ...
Kingdom Stories (KS)Kingdom Stories (KS) :: 7.73 Alpha v5.0.4
by RamchuK_Ntertainment


From the Creator of successful Age of Empires: Civilization and the graphically spectacular Spetsnaz, here comes a long-waited and extremely exciting... Kingdom Stories (KS)! Developed by Ramchuk Entertainment Games, KS is the successo ...
Pokemon RevolutionPokemon Revolution
by virtualcreators

This is another indie pokemon game and for the start will only contain mechanics of Pokemon Red and Blue but what is really different is that it removes the old turn based system and adds in real-time battle. You can attack freely at any pokemon and ...
SporSpor V.3
by creativeminds

Step inside the world of SPOR and create your own planet.
Enjoy your tiny creations as they evolve into epic populations.
Also visit other planets and trade across the galaxies!

Be Awed, by the worlds around you!

-Added Dig Site
-this game c ...
Ultra CircleUltra Circle beta
by Not Me

A clone of Super Hexagon, made primarily because I was bored. :P

Controls are fairly simple, just click to select a difficulty mode and then use the left and right arrow keys to move. The music is Redshift by exilefaker, but it will be replaced on ...
Siege Of Hero's.Siege Of Hero's. Complete v0.5
by CalvinTLLH

An tactic battle game of units and buildings. With several different maps to choose from and many unlock able units and buildings to choose from. A balanced system, non stop action, the more you do the more enhance and complex the battle goes. Un ...
Age of Empires: CivilizationAge of Empires: Civilization :: 8.2 Beta v2.1
by RamchuK_Ntertainment

Age of Empires Civilization is a Real-Time Strategy game that allows the player to control a virtual empire of their own. The game strictly focuses primarily on the economic side of government, but nevertheless, social and political aspects are alter ...
Tale of Kingdoms alpha v0.1.6
by photon

A rtsrpg (hopefully soon to be mmo) where you are the prince of Ansion a Kingdom under attack by an unknown force, you must run, wait and rebuild you kingdom, your ultimate goal is to defeat your Kingdoms assailant. have fun, this is version 0.1.6 al ...
Syntax Media RTS Being fixed!
by Syntax Media

A RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game in which you build to conquer.

In for maintance. Will have animations and better graphics.

In the full version: Nothing extra so far. ...
Warrior Blade ::
by HyperGamer

Game:Warrior Blade I
Game Version:
Game Powerd By:Engine001
Game Creator:HyperGamer
Game Realse:TBT
Game Next Update:TBT
Game Infomation:unkown (Pictures will be added soon) ...