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SimpleX Vehicle PhysicsSimpleX Vehicle Physics Demo

The long-awaited and never-before-seen test is finally up and public for showcasing. This is an ‘extremely’ buggy playground test of REGT’s SimpleX Vehicle Physics, as discussed on Discord in late 2017. Roam a distorted and unfinished low-poly ...
Pixel PaintPixel Paint :: v1.0.4
by Taytchu Gamer


Pixel Arts app

In this first release, features are still very limited, try it now and enjoy drawing.

This application was created just for the purpose of testing complex functions.

Leave your note and comment if you would like t ...
by Wonderland

It is the early 1700's - the golden age of piracy. You're a captain ready to upgrade your ship, grow a crew, and make fame and fortune sailing across the Caribbean. How you do it is up to you in this sim. Do you trade? Thieve? Wage war with the colon ...
Stray RefugeStray Refuge Version 4.6
by KittyLover22

Stray Refuge is a simulation game where you rescue and care for stray cats(and foxes).

Current Features-
.Two Areas of Stray Refuge
.People can donate to your refuge
.An office to keep track of the cats and foxes and rest in
.Feeding, Give Wat ...
Sanction of the Dead :: v0.1
by EFFEKT Records


- Horror


- This is my game "Sanction of the Dead" it is based off of a event in my life where me and some friends broke into an abandoned school and scary paranormal events happened. the video is now on youtube.


My CityMy City 10/12/16
by Taytchu Gamer

ENGLISH - Description - My city is a simulator designed by Vinca where you can easily build a city in 3D.

Warning - This game is still in development phase. Comment here if you find a bug or error.

11/06/16 - Bug fix; Color Customizatio ...
Christmas Joy (FPS)Christmas Joy (FPS)
by skullboy99

Well, since Christmas is on its way, to celebrate it, I decided to make a simple somewhat FPS simulation of what a house would look like on a Christmas day. There isn't really any story or anything, just a couple of rooms you can walk around and enjo ...
Girl SimulatorGirl Simulator :: 1.0
by Lfizinho

[Português Brasileiro] Quem nunca ouviu: "Se vocês tivessem que andar de salto você iriam ver" ou "se tivessem TPM não falariam tanto da gente". Bem, já pensou em mostrar para elas que estão erradas? Bom, então eu lhe apresento o Girl Simulato ...
LifeLife Version: 6
by Merlin_Kalkinput

You are a little 001 person living how a real person would live. You have hunger, hygiene, and things you would expect in everyday life. Interact with every object in game, choose your gender, play video games, take care of pets, and much more! See h ...
Pac-MenPac-Men Update: 5/15/15
by skullboy99

Sometimes, Retro-Games are always better than Modern games.
Yes, that is right, this is Pac-Man remade on the 001 engine exactly as you remember it on the Atari 2600!

Update 5/15/15 THIS NEW UPDATE INCLUDES: ...
CalculatorCalculator Full Game v9.99
by Mike Stephen

This is an impossible game to do! See and believe!
*Use the Math001.
*Use the interface "Input Code"
And ignore this:MY................................................................mmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummu ...
Isles of SurvivalIsles of Survival Demo vr 0.0.1
by Rico

This is the alpha vr 0.0.1.

Do not rate this game as it is a work in progress and the first version made purely for testing and showcasing purposes.

If you wish to comment/critque/ask a question then please use the forum.

Arrow ke ...
Pocket WorldPocket World Sample
by JamX

This is a sample game, or rather a proof of concept that a sandbox game is possible with 001.

ESC = Inventory and Crafting
WASD = Move
Mouse Click = Use Item/Tool
1 + ...
Beep GameBeep Game Full
by Blue Perc

This is a game where you will simply hear a beep like sound. Before you start playing you need to agree on the terms and conditions list that will pop up when you've started the game. ...
First Person Experiences First Person Experiences :: 9
by Boblifey

Its not a full game its more of a 1st Person Experiences the first 1st person from 001 you can try. Hope you enjoy it an asset pack will be coming out soon on my website.

WSDA to Move
Ctrl to Duck
Left Shift to Run
Space to Jump
Mountbair VillageMountbair Village Full Version
by Blue Perc

Your name is Hector, you are a non-stop party guy.... All you do is to go to a party and then another pary and then another and it keeps on going.... As you start the game there will be a voice actor (''tale teller'') that will say what you should do ...
Warrior Cats : It's Your Destiny Warrior Cats : It's Your Destiny
by xxlightningstar13xx

This is a DEMO of the full version. In this game you are a young apprentice. Choose your clan , Thunder , Wind or River (currently no Shadow). Choose to be an apprentice or medicine cat apprentice , River clan = medicine cat apprentice , Thunder and ...
Star HeroStar Hero Demo
by Midnight

Star Hero, is a simulation game. The game simulates a guitar.
Star Hero is a game of musical style.

Press Buttons

← yellow
↑ Red
→ green
↓ Blue
developed by Digital ...
Poop ClickerPoop Clicker :: 8.2 v099
by kararty

Poop Clicker! (It's an game!)

Click your way to the unlimited amount of poop!
Gain more and more poop and become the greatest poop maker in the world
and then in the universe!
(Please note that this game might make your daily life seem
dist ...
Life Arcade
by astrokix

A demo of KingdomKey's free-to-play Life Arcade. For the full game, go to our website.You are able to roam around Sincery City and spend money. This is not the complete version (because the game is a constantly updating BETA) so there are incomplete ...
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