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(Legend of Zekeyian I)  (Legend of Zekeyian I) :: In progress.
by ZodanaBorado

"Status Update" 2017 to 2018 I am back in action!!! It is on now... I am about to work hard on this game!!!!" I was locked up and without a place to stay for a while. Now I am back and working full time and speed to get this game ready. With more ide ...
The World Ends SaturdayThe World Ends Saturday Demo
by Sir Edington

The World Ends Saturday is a turn based rpg set in space. Time plays a roll as you only have seven in game days to save the space station.
This rpg is a bit different than most, so fair warning.
You can only use one of your four party members at a ...
Legend of Zekeyian -Legend of Zekeyian - Final Demo V.X
by ZodanaBorado

There is a way to get pass the first Area if you don't have a sword. You would have to look for it by going backwards. Press enter to proceed. When you see the enter icon.( update status ) -Working on the game as hard as possible, had personal proble ...
Quest Master :: 7 Demo V1.1
by adib2008

As you log in to the game, you will started with E class. The goal of this game is to be the best quest master on the world and also to beat your rival, Robert or Catalina (the girl with red cloth in the first screen shot) depending on the gender you ...
Legends of Shadowcloak :: Demo v.01
by traxom

A new RPG featuring turn-based first person combat (Like the Dragon Warrior series). You play as Shadowcloak, a mysterious hooded hero whose origins are unknown. Face hordes of monsters,go on epic adventures, and save the world from the HellSpawn. ...
Legend of Zekeyian ILegend of Zekeyian I :: 8.2 LOZ I Demo v0.5
by ZodanaBorado

Working as hard as I can on the script and a good story, but when the full version is released I hope you will enjoy it. (Thanks for the rating guys!) I think I will go ahead and continue to finish making this full game.Okay guys still work to be don ...
Legend of ZekeyianLegend of Zekeyian :: 7.71 L.O.Z Demo v0.4
by ZodanaBorado

(The Updated Version is made) Just search "Legend of Zekeyian I" and there you go.(Update coming soon guys, and I believe you will like this version) Hang in there I am working as hard as I can, but you won't be disappointed on what I have in store.( ...
Sphere-OSphere-O :: 7.91 Full 2.5
by tuliron

!Important: SAVING crashes game ... still, Please play game in one sitting ;)!

-BUGS FIXED check forum for details-
The world of Canvas was created 10 years ago, now an evil entity called "The Artist" wants to destroy Canvas. You (Sphere-O) mus ...
Pokemon AdventuresPokemon Adventures Demo
by Syntax Media

A Pokemon game that will take place in all five regions and have all of the Pokemon! It will feature a refined battle system, new stories and new items! The demo is here! Battle your way to Pewter City gym and beat the leader, Brock! His only Pokemon ...
TBRPG System V0.2
by Not Me

Currently, this is just a system with rather poor graphics, but it works very well.
There currently is no story, just a simple, arcade-styled system that will eventually become a less-simple, just as arcade-y game. Quick note: I am aware that there ...
(404)WastelandsWastelands :: 7.4 0.03
by priest865

Turn Based Battlesystem
This is no Game at the moment just a turn based Battle System! Its not even a Demo, you can call it an Alpha version so expect unfinished Animations and Bugs.

Every 0.5 Seconds the character adds Actionpoints to his Action ...
Sphere - O IISphere - O II :: 7.13 Demo v0.1
by tuliron

-Turn Based Combat
-Custom Graphics and sound
- 6 Different battles
-1 Techinque (....more later)
-a rare weapon. (a lance)

Things you should know.
-Monsters are not animated
-Run glitches game. (DON'T USE!)

(Will never get fi ...