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Thug :: 1
by thefilmdirector1

My first game- you are hired to take down a mob boss, its short and sweet- use the control keys to move the enter button to go to the next trxt box or talk to some one use left control key to attatck and use items, escape key to access menu left shif ...
a pratice game to be reworked into a real game test
by dragonnutds

i am working on this game, it is just a VERY buggy wip. i started it to hone in on my game skills. but it is so buggy that i am going to start over again. but i want opinions on the story the game provides and my hud system. (i figured out more on ef ...
City QuestCity Quest Demo v0.1
by comander352

This game is like the sample game that comes with the 001 engine, actually it is the sample with modified rooms, added rooms, and an actual storyline. Your friend gets kidnapped and you go off to find her, and it goes on from there... ...
Adventure Realm SyrissAdventure Realm Syriss DONE
by labtek9

It is time to act now.

The RPG for all and all for this RPG!! prepare for action and adventure.

If you like stores weapons LOTS OF EQUIPTMENT! quests and lot's more this game was made for you! ...
Miyu Life Cheats
by meester5

this is a sneak peak for my cheats. the cheats are left, down, right, up; up, up, right, down, down, left; up, up, up, up, down, left, right. the cheats can allow you to teleport to an item plaza, get an ak47 with 999 ammo and make you go faster. ...
city maddnesscity maddness .2
by huntdownkill

alright this is my first game its similair to runescape because you gotta walk around like runescape but this a mixture of future past and present i hope yyou can enjoy please please please help me out i have no idea how to make em attack me please h ...
Pirates!: Pirate Revolution :: 2.63 Demo v1.9
by Deyas

This project is far from done,but so far it has some things
Wood Cutting
Drive your own boat(Not fully functional ATM)
Sink other ships with the navy
Plunder from the navy with the pirates!
40+ Items(Tha ...
Thames Jond 00XI -Licence to KillThames Jond 00XI -Licence to Kill :: 5.71 Full V1.0
by pushpeshranchi

This is my first game ever.
It is a game of stealth and action.You are Thames Jond.Your brother has been murdered mysteriously.It's upto you now to get trained as a spy and find out the murderer.You have all the firearms but do you hav ...
CIA Agents: Psycho-AnnihilatorCIA Agents: Psycho-Annihilator 1.006.003
by FBIBond007

This is the sequel to Medical Rescue, I hope you like it.
There's a weirdo to kill so i'm sure you'll enjoy it. There is also a large, vast quantity of ways that you can fail this mission and make it game over so be careful and play meticulously.
The Endless War :: In Progress
by dragorn128

The year 4014 and life has matured only slightly, as earth explored space they found aliens desperate for land, the planets they inhabitated had been sucked clean, as they destroyed earth the peacefull race was completely crushed... soon they rebuilt ...
The Legend of Zelda, The Tri-QuestThe Legend of Zelda, The Tri-Quest BETA v0.06
by mouseyboy

This is my first game.

The Legend of Zelda, The Tri-Quest is based after Minish Cap.

Basicaly... long ago, in the land of hyrule, there was a race called the minish. The minish were a bit like elves, but thumb sized. They lived all, over the pl ...
The Exceron Episode 1
by jaelenburt96

The Exceron Episode 1: is a short (and sorta stupid) game. In this episode you track down a missing component for the device to work and have to beat people up in the process!

(if there are glitchs, errors , or other problems please email me a des ...
CIA Agents: Medical RescueCIA Agents: Medical Rescue 1.006.003
by FBIBond007

It is a little gory with guns and blood. You are a spy working for the CIA. The General sends you on a mission to rescue a Doctor who's been kidnapped and locked up and is being guarded by a tough looking man. You need to find important items to unlo ...
DragonBallZtestDragonBallZtest :: 5 Demo v.01
by GoreGames

DEMO of Dragon Ball Z adventure the first Fighting game on 001Map...
One more thing all errors are just a fast programing problem!!
5.Vegeta (scouter ...
i assault terror demo v1.1
by carloas

ues un juego basado en la guerra totalmente en español para los de habla

hispana por que son pocos los juegos que hay en español aqui
claro este solo es un demo el real sera en ingles y español

si lo descargas les suplico que porfavor v ...
by GoreGames

Power Spheres are God tears they have unique powers...
Thoose powers can destroy all world...
So God created dreams magical animals!
they protect the spheres from evil people.
God also chose good people to be the sphere guardians...
Antil one da ...
The Darkness WithinThe Darkness Within Chapters 1-6
by kcreddevil

The Darkness Within

An epic saga of a boy discovering his through power and taking up the challenge of restoring his world from the hands of s mysterious tyrant.

More story details available on forum and in game.

Many problems fixed. Please ...
Rock HeroRock Hero :: 5.33 Demo
by skuller

The first game of Guitar Hero series on 001!!!
I'm working on Bugs and anothers languages, sorry if my english is bad^^ but in the next version i'll put 2 languages: PORTUGUESE and ENGLISH.
Please close all programs in use for play this game for an ...
Adventure RealmAdventure Realm v1.0
by labtek9

The water has been blocked off and you love to swim it is only you who can save the fun time swimming. Adventure to a different realm fight and level in this epic adventure. ...
BegrettoBegretto Teaser
by Game-Nasium

You are Frank Crutchman, a 30 year old man who just lost all of his family in a terrible freak accident. Not wanting to face his problems, Frank hops into his car and drives. As he passes by Begretto Fun Fair he notices the road ahead is blocked off ...
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