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(404)Fox Team AlphaFox Team Alpha :: 5.38 Demo v0.2
by CounterZER0

The World needs a Hero, what it got was Three. A new Terror is being created in a Top-Secret Lab and all Hell is breaking loose. A new kind of War is on the horizon and one Team can stop it from happening... Fox Team Alpha. Denied by the Government, ...
Secret Agent
by pedradas

Secret Agent 001 II é um jogo em que você se põe na pele de um agente secreto, não o mundialmente famoso 007, mas sim o um pouco menos famoso 001. Como agente secreto, terá de cumprir missões de assassinato de bandidos, lutar com e ...
Kings of Veichles I
by pedradas

Kings of Veichles I is a game of test vehicles. You can test them on several tracks: in the city, on rural land, beaches, trails normal ... This game is a sample that the 001 Action / RPG Maker does not serve only to create games for action! ...
The Russia Georgia Conflagration-Demo1
by Cameronx1

You are Private Yerkov and you must help the Georgian Army defend against the invading russians, This is my first 001 demo so I hope its good, I designed it to be hard, but its probably easy. ...
Peppy BeginsPeppy Begins :: 6.33 V.1.30
by Peppy2006

The year is 1997, Peppy is working for the Dogton County Sheriff's Office. There is a small group known as the Anti-Dog Squadron (Perhaps the Anti-Dog Corporation is a successor?) is a small group that doesn't like dogs. Suddenly, dogs start disappea ...
W.A.Y. (Where are you) W.A.Y. (Where are you) Full Version 1.0
by ali95

This game take's place in a town somewhere in America.
The story is about the guy you play as, he's name is Jack.
Jack is looking for he's wife Jenny she was carried away while Jack past out, after a car accident near this town.
So now Jack is for ...
Sample Find the Difference :: 2.71
by Pablo mpg

The sample, but with a new goal. Find the difference! What can you find different between this game and the sample we all know. Find it and win! Plz rate anyway... ...
Unknown EntitiesUnknown Entities :: 5.8 Full version v2
by Ammohead

Fire Guns and find places to hide from well, lets say you just need to find out.
This is yet another creation I completed in one full day i can say it its a decent game please play and rate. And as usual if theres any bugs please report them to me ...
Keep Your ConsioucnessKeep Your Consioucness :: 5.33 Full Version 1.2
by Ammohead

This is a modern game of survivle and free roam. Stay alive and if you loose some health hunt for some food. You can find weapons spread throut the jungle.Please enjoy Now updated full version. Bugs fixed ...
One Shot The GameOne Shot The Game Demo V 1.1
by bboy920

This Is The First Demo For The Game One Shot.

Earth,2010. You are the last hope for earth,After your training you discover a weird egg of some sort....Its a Malatonian egg..The Malatonians are creatures from the planet Malatonia That can take any ...
Shadow Step :: 6 Demo v0.1
by codysuber12

This is a game about a man who lost his home and is now livin in a city called Avilimar. The man has to level up and reaady to battle for his city! Action/Adventure/RPG! Please rate it! Thanks for playing! ...
CrimsonAngel :: 4 Demo v0.18
by CrimsonDiabolics

This game is about a guy trapped in prison without a clue how he got there. (practically suffering from amnesia)the people around you seem to know who you are except you and for the nearby towns. You search for truth but you find denial and evil, no ...
LOSTLOST :: 6.62 Demo version 1.1
by C0c1

The glich in the begining with the cutscene should now be fixed :)

First off I must say this has nothing to do with the TV show

Your just a normal guy named Duke carrying out a normal life whene a harmful alien race know as the Noctron invade y ...
rundown side story
by demented_games

this is an alternate little side story to the original rundown game it starts a man who used to know the guy you play as in the original rundown and was his friend intil he was betrayed by him

coming soon.... ...
SimQuestSimQuest :: 5.33 Demo v0.5
by TripleTKYA547

John Smith was just a normal man living in the normal realm of Kingomania. one morning, he found a strange letter addressed to him sitting on his bedside table. It read, "John, go to the King's Castle and tell him to prepare for war. All will be expl ...
Peppy's Adventure Deluxe!Peppy's Adventure Deluxe! :: 7 V.1.23
by Peppy2006

The time is present. The Anti-Dog Corporation is slaughtering or kidnapping hundreds of helpless dogs. They are bent on destroying all dogs. They have never, ever, liked and dogs. They won't give dogs a chance. But one thing they didn't expect, was t ...
Legend of NULegend of NU DEMO v0.2
by googleman

Are you NU to the game

Nu is creature of its own kind. Not the brightest, not the strongest, but he can own the world. With portals leading to his own rivals, he can make through the hardest of obstacles only he can. Locked into the Hall of Nu, ...
The Dungeon Trilogy: Genesis :: BeingMade
by ProbablyNotGreg

Far away in a land full of mystery and deciet...There is born a man/woman of great responisbility...He/She is to roam the land in search for a dark wizard who holds the key to the survival of the human race...Will He/She prevail...Or will He/She fail ...
Lost Empire :: demo V0.0
by Static

Lost Empire is A Mideval Game Im Working on it Is Also my first. i have Added Credits.. useing Some resorces..
Game Complete
Adding Classess -
Archer exe.
more Resorces
(need to Add Credits when Demo comes out)
Screenshot ...
(404)Survive or ShambleSurvive or Shamble :: wip
by DeathBoxDeadBoxHead

Survive or Shamble 2.0 has taken alot of time as I was always being interrupted in the middle of working on it. As well as trying to juggle work,my future wife,and my friends and other projects.

Anyway This is the work in progress SorS has come a ...
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