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Cantrel: The City Of Disciples
by evergreen



I cant revel to must about Kaydors past, as it would spoil some of the twists in the story line, but after some sort of axiedent you live with a wood chopper call Chris and his son Hiro. after you relise you ...
Goldeneye Covicted Agent
by ControlFreak82

(NEW)I created this game that feat. James Bond Copyright. You start out that you where sneaking into a BadPapa Restuarant and the bad guy caught you trying to get back the $15,000 they stole so they shot you with a tranq. dart and you wake up in the ...
Dual ChaosDual Chaos :: Demo v1.0
by Ryozo

Dual Chaos
You may have read the description in the forum, but the game's plot has changed.
Read below. I will soon upload a demo, but it will be a while before I finish the real thing.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ...
Hobo: the video game Hobo: the video game :: 4.32 Demo version 1.1
by C0c1

You play Hobo Bill you have no family no life living on rags in the worst city in America in a cardbord box. But you have had enough! Now your goal is to be the richest man ever. unfortuantly for hobo bill that will have to wait. This is a small demo ...
Battle RealmsBattle Realms :: 6.93 v1
by Fuzz

You are Renault a man that is good with a blade. The demo only contains the first quest but features lots of big battles. At the start your village is under attack and you must defeat the invaders. I hope you play it. The full version will contain lo ...
Chibi Investigator
by Scuddle

Okuro MataIchi (You) an Ops Agent, (Ops:one of the two last countries) on a simple mission to rescue a fellow agent, Kuto. But when he has to fight ninjas soldiers and his own brothers this mission goes haywire. ...
by solle1998

Hello! this is my first game i have mayde maybe contains bugs and spelling error however the game starts at the little village of Li where an old man found you unconscious in the wood when you wakes up from the church he tell's you to go talk to the ...
Chilli Blood full version
by puffinboy

You are Robert Chilli but everyone calls you Chilli. you had a rough childhood because when you were young a man killed your family so you started practicing shooting a revolver to get revenge on him. years after you find the man and killed him, but ...
by the_walrus

you are an escaped military weapon. you have triggered the alarms and everyone is after you. moderatley short game, but may take a while to beat. very well done and detailed. ...
GANGSTER :: 5.17 Final Version
by adib2008

This game takes you to the gangster world at some Malaysian high school (my hometown)You can do Malaysian gangster stuff like beat people to death and etc. This is the final version.

1.Now with SFX.
2.Now with 19 missions.
3.Now with 5 ...
Holdout 2
by Scorchy60

Holdout's back! On the way to the survivors camp Rich's chopper crashed now he's caught up in another fight for survival against the zombies will he ever make it to the surviviors camp?

P.S. If enough people like this game I will make Holdout 3 ...
by Scorchy60

Holdout is a zombie shooter game you start in a supermarket where the customers have turned into zombies. After you wander into Togo village and defeat zombies hiding in secret passages finally you get to fight the zombie lord. I have updated this ve ...
Mission ImposibleMission Imposible :: 5.14
by Conker001

LOL in this game you have to escaped from a evi base and kill Osama BIN LADEN you can drive vehicles, etc.


LOL please Rate

- 12+ MAPS
O ...
Hexed gunfire
by Leeman2021

you are a cop when you see something laying on the side of the road. next thing you know, you wake up in a forest and the only place to go is in a abondend mansion. this game will have: guns horror blood zombies guts a good stary line a very very goo ...
Call of DoodieCall of Doodie :: 4.6
by tracelight24

This, my latest game, is purely a joke. But it is longer than 10 minutes, so take it bit seriously, since I actually put some time into it. There is a storyline, a very weird and random one, where you start out fighting in a militia. It apparently is ...
Great Trail Auto - Crapgrh CentralGreat Trail Auto - Crapgrh Central
by johnomi

Great Trail Auto - Crapgrh Central

*house market of over 5 houses
*variety of concept cars made by me
*the obvious bad guys
*many things to do
*free roam
And All The Other Features From StareCity......

Twelve years ...
Ultimate SquadUltimate Squad :: 7.15 Demo 3
by hellblade

*Demo 3 released*
Demo contains:
-4 / 5 Missions
- Some bug fixes
-Credits are done

You (Hellblade) belong to the Ultimate Squad, a squad that is made to do do many things such as:
-Killing Terrorists
-Rescueing hostages
-protecting people
AUA3 World in eyesAUA3 World in eyes :: 6.17 demo
by Ammohead

Purchase cars,homes,weapons,planes.There is not any set storyline,but their are many minigames to make money. Unlike AUA2 there are mre sound effects, Please play and rate the game, it is still under construction so there will be some bugs, just let ...
The Hero's Journey of Revenge 1.0
by lordhalo

This is my first game.The game is based on the classical Hero's Journey. It has taken me about four days to complete this. I used part of the Sample map to make this. I also used many resources from others. ...
Find your identity! :: DEMO v1
by xxjrodxx100

Hi guys, this is my first game, and it's not too hard to beat and it isn't massive either, with pretty basic play, although i do have great ideas for the game and that makes it fun, I just havent made it too large. I am going to continue working on i ...
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