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Smiley Blaster
by ThunderBlast

Use your magical sword to destroy all of the evil, firebreathing smileys and puppies! Then, you must defeat the evil smiley king! A fun, short, free game. ...
Me And My FriendMe And My Friend
by Iceman_Achy_Mass

Quite a depressing game I guess.
Don't worry, the next game will be more light hearted, I promise.
Well, this game starts with Miffy getting sacked from her job. I guess it all goes from there. Collect the brains (thoughts) and find out subtle hint ...
by tecnotoad

So, I had an idea for a zombie girl that does stuff (not gonna say r/n because spoilers), however, Ive had this idea recently and im only just getting started on this so it isn't much right now.... But still, I do hope that you enjoy just some simple ...
Modern Passover 3
by Tom SR

A game based on the Jewish celebration, Passover (Pesach). It includes Moses killing an Egyptian, running away, meeting G-d and trying to reason with the Pharoah.

There is one way to get into the Pharaoh's bedroom. If you get in, look inside the ...
The Egg
by mini_man_horror

You must make your way to the ogre, solve his riddle then be transported to the witch where you will be informed about the evaluation of a chick inside an egg.
((this game was for school please don't play it)) ...
CloTTonCloTTon V1
by creativeminds

To vegetable or not to vegetable? That is the question..
Do you have what it takes to clean a world full of fresh vegetables?
Well if you have the courage to do so, then welcome to Clotton.

~Use the the mouse to swipe over the vegetables and cle ...
Far Off EchoesFar Off Echoes Test 1
by Dunce

You wake up in the middle of the night in a forest clearing. You don't recall how you got there, but you decide to get up and find the way out of the forest.

WASD - Walking Around
Mouse Movement - Looking Around
Mous ...
SolitarySolitary :: 8.94 DEMO
by Tabula Rasa

SOLITARY is an experimental survival horror adventure game, involving the story of a photojournalist named Alex Gray, who is suddenly thrust from the world he knows and into a nightmare, with horrors lurking at every turn, and ghosts from his past re ...
Ater - The dark woods
by Aiti

Ater wakes up in the middle of a forest at night with a talking spider next to him. Seems legit. This is a small game i made. If you have any problems with the game or find any bugs, comment and i try to fix it. Try to enjoy. ...
(Hotel)Guest Services Manager(Hotel)Guest Services Manager
by PW073

To start the game, talk to the man sitting on the sofa in this room(lobby).
Use keyboard arrows to navigate and the 'enter' button to select or start a conversation.
This game is created strictly for own educational purposes only.

Brought to you ...
pick it! :: demo v0.1
by deadterior

a game about picking which hole to jump down but if you fail to jump down the right hole you have to restart so besure to go down the right hole.(this is my first game)
i've stoped working on working on a new game. ...
Adventure man demo v0.2
by deadterior

Adventure man is a rpg game about having adventure.This is my first game in early stages.each update more maps,npc's,and version shuld be coming out story yet
new maps
new enemys
new shop
no story yet (coming in future u ...
Legacy Of Rhine :: Full Game
by Jawny102

The evil Tyrant Davenport has cast the world into darkness by raising prices and firing all the hard working winndixie employees with his own evil counter parts, you must travel the lands and defeat the one by one to restore peace to the shopping cen ...
Vanguard UnlimitedVanguard Unlimited :: 8.25 v0.001e Demo
by hikaru702

Inspired from TCG Cardfight!! Vanguard
General information: OFFLINE Demo game that shows that an semi-automated Cardfight against AI.
I might update this one. and I might not anymore :P but feel free to try.

Gold Paladin Trial Deck readil ...
A Movie-yet another thingy
by 2cool4me4

Well, here I am again, with another demonstration in 001. This time, it's a 7 second video, with some interfacing thrown in. This took about 2 hours of work, mostly wondering HOW THE HECK to get the video file to be small enough to load into 001! Jus ...
Quest for Sokrena - Halted due to suckinessQuest for Sokrena - Halted due to suckiness Dead - 1.1
by 2cool4me4

This game simply stands as an example... DON'T ever rush through the story on your game.

Quest for Sokrena ACT 1!

Sean is a normal man. He has come to a strange place called Sokrena for vacation, and he wants to have a good time. But little d ...
The choice that changed everythingThe choice that changed everything v.3
by chesse20

Imagine a choice that would effect all future events being handed to you one day. That is what happens in this game. You are Player and you must make a decision so big that it will be written in the history books. Now all you have to left to do is to ...
by Linkman12

*OPEN ALPHA* Please enjoy this taste of the full game coming early August 2013! This game is currently in Alpha and is nowhere near complete. There are still bugs, et cetera. ...
This thing Upload Now
by sarahere

More test that is going online these are really long requirements I just want to put my game online cause I need to how many more characters do I need to add ...
by lostisland

you guys might not want to play this. I made it for an English class, and it may contain learning:) you guys might not want to play this. I made it for an English class, and it may contain learning:)you guys might not want to play this. I made it for ...
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