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Cool Game
by asdf

This is a short, but cool game I made. You play first as a boy named Toby then another one name Matt. As Matt you will have to pass 3 tests, which are the patience, the precision and the labyrinth one. You can skip ONE of them, depending of who you'v ...
'Farming Happy 3D'  BR/EG'Farming Happy 3D' BR/EG :: 8.67
by Midnight

Farming Happy 3D Version 1.3

Interface Save Game

I'm working on this game is 4 Months, The Game I want everything to come out perfect, like that I want everyone to like, And A fun game, Is addictive!

*(some translations still in Portug ...
School Rush
by jcpr765

School Rush is a game where your goal is to get to your class without being caught. There are many obstacles and enemies along the way, so you have to look for items to use and ask other students for tips on how to get through.
by Blue Perc

Free Horror Adventure Game
You are a guy and one day you have to go to the school but something is'nt right.
were are your friends your friend Joseph is in th ...
Quest For The Boomerang
by GoldenCreeper98

A school project related to fighting through a dungeon to collect a magical boomerang to save a broken town. Hopefully a short, fun game, with some secrets involved and many creative additions to the normal RPG formula. ...
Detective StoryDetective Story Full Game
by Swaggadeej

You play as the protagonist only refereed to as "Detective". You wake up from a nightmare about monsters attacking your little town when you realize your late for work, upon going outside you realize your dream has become reality! You fight though mo ...
X-files: attack of the purple wizardX-files: attack of the purple wizard v1
by chesse20

You are agent mulder who works for the fbi department xfiles. One day assiastant director skinner calls you to his office for a important misson: find the beach with the hottest women in the world. With agent scully on vacation this might be your HAR ...
Cube RaceCube Race
by falcon

A simple arcade game just for you!!!
Try to score as much you can!!
The controls are simple, you only need left and right arrow and it is all!!
It was tested and it works in a netbook or even on a old pc!!
I wait you enjoy and don't forget that n ...
by Blue Perc

Can you make it?? This is a game when you are a orange Qube and you will collect green balls, but watch out... for the green Qubes. This game is just made for fun and it is for everybody. ...
by tower07

Burst is a very minimalistic game in which you need skill, finesse, and clever thinking to survive. When you hit anything other than coins you must collect, you will die. But as a chance for redemption, right before you collide with the object, you ...
saga hero warsaga hero war :: full

you is mark achebe a man alpha of war
mark achebe enter in war for a girl rock star
-learn news attack
-catch monster
-buy much armas for war
-picture forest,cave,ship,camp,arena,mountain,castle,desert,beach,isle,ruin much more
Living Dead
by UMCMamaGator

In a world where the dead stalk the living, you, one of the few survivors taking refuge in a run-down house, discover that your son is sick and needs medication you no longer have. Now, you must journey across undead-covered streets and through blood ...
Throw the Eggs!Throw the Eggs!
by tower07

TtE is styled after early 80's arcade games. You take control of a rogue that has stumbled upon a portal to a strange world. He soon realizes this world is inhabited by strange monsters. The only thing he finds is a nest of eggs. He takes these e ...
The QuestGiver
by LionsGaming

BETA! Please play this game and inform me on how I'm doing in my latest project. Also be sure to check out my other game! I would greatly appreciate it! ...
by JamesandTabby

its SoSimple, its Crazy!!!!!!! this game includes 8 levels of nothing but simple, but fun levels! its so simple ITS CRAZYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...
-Island Survial- 3D-Island Survial- 3D Complete
by Midnight

Game 3D "Brazil_ingles" Complete
You Leaving Begins Within a portal, After that you have to deal with, that you're on an island and try to survive or die, Has Adventures, XP, alligators, bees, break
trees ...
BETA: Clothing for her ch ...
O jogo O jogo
by Xuraskina

Ele ira vingar a morte de sua esposa e mãe...você e capaz de ajudalo?
Então jogue este joguinho levissimo para ver o resutado da 1ª parte e testar sua abilidade em jogos!!!!
Vamos ver se você e um bom jogador mesmo e chegar até o fim desta hi ...
O tomoO tomo Teste 0.1
by Boope Boope allw

Em Kidet em 1407 era dia do casamento de Justin Noriôn e Lilit Kidasent. Antes do casamento se iniciar Justin recebeu uma carta de sua mãe Madala Debug Noriôn, disia para ele o encontrala em Maritulis uma aldeia não distante de Kidet para lhe pre ...
The Legacy
by Darkvoid

This will be my 3rd major game project after I finish Oncoming Storm: Darkness Strike. I won't post too much of the plot in the description as it will spoil the game.

The Legacy is a sci-fi, futuristic/steampunk RPG that takes place in Solaris, a ...
All Night Banana Castle
by ShanigamiHollow

A short platformer in which you play as a banana man in an attempt to rescue your home from a catchy, musical talent. Along the way, you will collect some bananas. There is next to no real story.

This is my first game, and it's rather messy, but f ...
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