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DarkLaboratory- killer of the causeDarkLaboratory- killer of the cause :: 6.75 demo v1.1
by cats11112

I have decided to make a continuation from leafland and fireline, i know they were both made a year ago but who cares!

okay basic plot: you take home the one armed devils head for victory, when you find out something about him, you then realise th ...
LeafLand- a dip in timeLeafLand- a dip in time :: 7.4
by cats11112

Leafland is the next in the series from fireline. Cats11112 defeated the one armed devils in fireline but some people get sent back in time including you! it is now your mission to get back to you own time and deafeat whatever has sent you back. you ...
Fireline- The killer of the demon Fireline- The killer of the demon :: 5.4
by cats11112

Zombies have been invading the earth for some time now, they have the power of the fireline. it is your mission to find out what it is and use this secret weapon. But you then realise that it isn't just zombies you have got to worry about....

(thi ...