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Benjamin Riddle
by Tyler B

Benjamin Riddle, a cop on a large uncharted island. Those who know of the island call it Elysium. The island has all the materials for people to live and never have to go to the mainland. Yet when people leave, they leave ...
Kiron :: Demov0.5
by Mordom

Kiron is a world of a hero he wakes up in a starting area and completes his quest and keeps on going to diffrint places and defeats everything in his way and made some awesome cool friends.The game is half finished after i add more maps the game will ...
by KidTheRaccoon

This is the demo ver.0.1 for the game DEFECT (Working Title).
A man awakes in a hospital after a mysterious disaster has occurred, there is nobody around and the TV are deathly silent. He must traverse through a world of horror and death to find the ...
The sims...
by agentx562

The sims.....

I started working on this a couple of days ago and i have a rough
idea of what its going to be like i have in this beta Cooking,
Socializing,Work,house making,And even the toilet! You can also change your sims clothes and name him. ...
TheSacredRealm Alpha Test v02
by xmuzzyx

==Alpha Test==
Hello everyone. This is my first game ever. This is a 2d/3d top down RPG were you play Sieghart, a male protaganist. He wakes up one night to find himself in some weird sanctuary. He discovers a statue of a past "hero" by the name o ...
Heavenly Warrior
by Crazybone

A demo of a game ive been working on!!!
For my bud!! A man named Crazybone has been kidnapped! Its up to u to save him and his friends (Inaomi1, Josh and Jack) from the evil team.
You will be helped (In the full game} by Ultimate10, Prince of Heav ...
The man stone
by raymond13557

The great alchemist Throdone von stapleburg invented a stone of tremendous power... that stone was called the man stone,, a crimson red stone that had a face of a man and the heart of the devil himself...
You play as a young seer/alchemist named Sp ...
Scarlet KnightScarlet Knight Demo
by Zorc

Sean is 17 years old visiting a shool far out of the city but with ordinary classmates. Then some day he encounters strange people and a strange creature on his way back to the city after shool, after Sean defeat that strange creature an Knight shows ...
Recluse: The Darkness is Coming
by Spartan225

A strange force has shadowed the world, and every other world too! It's up to you to stop it! this is the Public version, so it doesn't have as many levels as the VIP version, which is still under development. If you find any bugs please submit them ...
by gamemakers

A Rpg about a young lad named Nigel. dfiosjfiodji foid fsdsiuf sdiuf odf iousdf osd f fo sod fod f f gdgfd 978 87gf 79ghf d7gh udfhguso gd7sg hdufg dhs7ugh usdn u iusdv iu viu k ...
Tafelrunde AlphaTafelrunde Alpha 0.1
by Tafelrunde Network

Just a small fighting game with small rpg elements and a minimalistic story. Hope you enjoy it. 2 minutes full of energy.Its just a game, no big story no intro, just pure action.
Retro style arcade.
If you don´t like it write us why:
tafelrunde-n ...
Dye Life
by williamrtm

Um jogo leve, criativo e divertido!!

Jogue e você vai gostar... é um jogo simples, com bom gráficos, recomendado para qualquer um!!

Demorei um bom tempo para criá-lo e crie com dedicação e pensando nas pessoas que vão jogá-lo!!

Tutorial The Game
by Smidgey01

You are a slime and you are also in a tutorial.
what will happen, only I know.


............................................................................................................................... ...
SIMPLE Alpha 1.0
by Avascar

You are Mr.Dot, or at least a moving standing rectangle. You are mysteriously in this virtual place, and have to complete your training with the help of the suspicious computer.

Yes, I know some parts are very hard. I'll make it harder :D ...
by fransiracusa

This is a virtual learning environment that will provide students with the opportunity to practice their Spanish communication skills. Students will maneuver through the different phases of the website, discovering places and communicating in Spanish ...
Big life in the city:Big life in the city: Demo V1.02
by Raisrviln

-Story- *Not Started yet.*

Demo- Adviced not to download this until the next demo.
*horribly crafted,nonsense,looking. XD*
Demo V2.0- September 6th is the next demo.
*Way better then this version. more sense*

Gamepl ...
by calitroit6

Fight for survival in a ruined city by a new unknown species for a last stand on earths post-apcoalypse world

-take the fight for the worlds future

-fight for mankind with new arsenal weapons

-take the fight to the streets of new gamus,death ...
The Lost City - The Chronicles Of HouseThe Lost City - The Chronicles Of House Demo Completo
by andreurian

Versão Demo Criado Pela The Lost City Games, Jogo Em PT(BR) Para Os Brasileiros, Jogo Com Sistema De Cheats, Genero, Roupas Especiais, ETC.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ...
Death MatchDeath Match :: Beta v0.1
by shawnbaker

This is the full version of Death Match Demo.

-FULL GAME Version 1
-Some Fixed Bugs
-Work On Older Versions Of Computers (Windiows Vista & Windows 7) ...
Timeless EffectTimeless Effect
by Mentrom

Alright this was more into the game, still a few bugs and glitches here and there but this is what ive done so far. Just go around a map, kill a bat, talk to some people, you have the choice to go into a tavern and chill i guess, and you can kill som ...
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