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Bear PongBear Pong
by tower07

Okay, so you're at this pong tournament, right?
All of a sudden this bear shows up and you freak all out.
You run around and panic, but after 10 seconds it just stops.
The tournament will go on whether you're there or not.
Can you make it bac ...
by tower07

Burst is a very minimalistic game in which you need skill, finesse, and clever thinking to survive. When you hit anything other than coins you must collect, you will die. But as a chance for redemption, right before you collide with the object, you ...
Throw the Eggs!Throw the Eggs!
by tower07

TtE is styled after early 80's arcade games. You take control of a rogue that has stumbled upon a portal to a strange world. He soon realizes this world is inhabited by strange monsters. The only thing he finds is a nest of eggs. He takes these e ...
Survive EverythingSurvive Everything
by tower07

Nothing in this world is safe.
Evade, dodge, avoid, and every other synonym of that word to win.
There is no end to the barrage of... squares?
Only 5 levels, sorry. I'll try to do better next time. :P ...
Dungeon AceDungeon Ace :: 8.33
by tower07

Dungeon Ace is an RPG originally for the RPG Four Digits competition.
You wander around a dungeon looking for items to help you solve puzzles and quests and you travel higher and higher...

WASD or Arrow Keys to move.
Space to check yo ...
The Game with Sixteen and a Half Million LevelsThe Game with Sixteen and a Half Million Levels :: 7.71
by tower07

No, this is not a joke.
This is a real 001 game with exactly 16,777,216 complete levels,
each with a unique layout and a different color.
Think about that. Let it soak in. Just how big is Sixteen Million?
The game is simple, grab the key an ...
Kamen Rider OOO:  O DriverKamen Rider OOO: O Driver
by tower07

This is a digital replica of the O Driver from the Tokusatsu show Kamen Rider OOO. (Pronounced "O's") There are many medals, divided into three groups. Heads, Which alters the head of the henshined (Transformed) state. The arms and legs change the ...
(404)Modern RougeModern Rouge Dev 1.2
by tower07

Modern Rouge is a regular rougelike game, except it takes place in a modern world instead of the usual medieval one. (Like Earthbound)
Right now there isn't much to it, As it is still under super-heavy development.
Also the name Modern Rouge will ...