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Zombie Survival game
by Rico

This is the spot where the zombie survival game I'm making will be put, all details posted here will change once I am ready to upload the game........................................... ...
Isles of SurvivalIsles of Survival Demo vr 0.0.1
by Rico

This is the alpha vr 0.0.1.

Do not rate this game as it is a work in progress and the first version made purely for testing and showcasing purposes.

If you wish to comment/critque/ask a question then please use the forum.

Arrow ke ...
Xander Secret Agent Demo v0.1
by Rico

You play as Xander, the worlds best secret agent renowned for his ability to use the shadows to escape detection.
This is a simple platformer in which you must use stealth and cunning to progress through the game, this is a very small gameplay demo ...
Climb Completed
by Rico

This Game is finished.
The objective is to climb to the top without falling to your death, using the assorted platforms around you to do so but watch out if you're not quick enough they'll disappear.
Reach the top, win a prize :) ...
(404)A Drop of HopeA Drop of Hope
by Rico

Platform(s): Top down/Sidescroller
Title: A drop of Hope
Genre: Scifi/RPG
World map size: 4,800,000 square foot

A ringed Earth like planet sitting on the precispice of the boundaries of Human control becomes the target for a new expedition, mon ...
PongPong Vr 1
by Rico

You've all played it or know of it, I give you Pong.
It doesn't have anything special, if you have any problems pm me, it does (on my computer at least) suffer from a problem beyond my control, I'm trying to fix it but it doesn't hinder playing at ...
Z-Day the Turret Defense GameZ-Day the Turret Defense Game Beta
by Rico

Alright everyone the controls are as follows please read or you'll have no clue how to play :D
To create units press either the 1,2,3 key they each create different units.
Use the arrows keys to move the unit.
Press enter to place the unit.
Simpl ...
Rico's Adventure :: 7.14
by Rico

When Harybac Kingdom is in trouble only one can save it, Slutman.
In this action packed sidescroller you will embark on the incredible journey as you take down the evil demons plagueing Harybac Kingdom.

In this demo no fluid motion is present you ...
by Rico

No where near completed but definitely an interesting start, currently on hold I need a bit of motivation to continue so feedback from you guys will be great for me to work from, in the level select screen choose either the first levels or play stage ...