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Sphere-OSphere-O :: 7.91 Full 2.5
by tuliron

!Important: SAVING crashes game ... still, Please play game in one sitting ;)!

-BUGS FIXED check forum for details-
The world of Canvas was created 10 years ago, now an evil entity called "The Artist" wants to destroy Canvas. You (Sphere-O) mus ...
Odin's Shadow Demo v0.1
by tuliron

Odin (a demonic trickster) has stolen people away from their homes. And has brought them to his realm. Filled with zombies, monsters, and freaks of nature. Odin's goal is to eliminate the human race, one human at a time. Each human he slays, the stro ...
Sphere - O IISphere - O II :: 7.13 Demo v0.1
by tuliron

-Turn Based Combat
-Custom Graphics and sound
- 6 Different battles
-1 Techinque (....more later)
-a rare weapon. (a lance)

Things you should know.
-Monsters are not animated
-Run glitches game. (DON'T USE!)

(Will never get fi ...
Epic Sphere-O (Working Title)Epic Sphere-O (Working Title) Battle Demo
by tuliron


[this is the new battle system that is still in development)

Items Menu not implented yet.

A mysterious hooded man prepares you for the coming battles ahead. ...
The Legend Of The HeroThe Legend Of The Hero :: 6.25 1.0
by tuliron

This is my first game I ever completed and posted! (I've made like 5 games but they were all too long, and I never could finish them [So I deleted them].
-=What this Game is=-
So...This is a side-scroller. It has 6 levels plus a bo ...