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AUA5 AUA5 prototype v1
by Ammohead

Customize your home with furniture and now has sound effects for most actions. More to do and cheats can be entered anywhere. New weapons and slightly better graphics then previous versions. and your weapons actually have a use. ...
Kings of Veichles I
by pedradas

Kings of Veichles I is a game of test vehicles. You can test them on several tracks: in the city, on rural land, beaches, trails normal ... This game is a sample that the 001 Action / RPG Maker does not serve only to create games for action! ...
What Is Legal?What Is Legal? demo v1
by BigKitty75

really short demo please mail me or rate ok if you want me to continue making this game
so far you just steal stuff

Future add-ons if you want me to make it

Different places to rob
Different items
Street Racing
Go to town
Bu ...
IS Invasion Spy - The return of a spy: TERRORISMIS Invasion Spy - The return of a spy: TERRORISM Demo v0
by Sr_Misterio

Uma continuacao do jogo IS INVASION SPY, muito massa!!! Uma mistura de acao com terror... Vejam o jogo para entender a estoria.

O jogo eh de raciocinio nas primeiras partes mas depois eh so acao! ...
The Last Knight
by aspan

The spirits is my first game,you start freezing on top of a mountain, where you are given a choice to join the dark force (the spirits legion). you refuse but after months of punishing you accept the offer, may sound a little weard but you will under ...
HTEH - How To Escape Home! Part 1
by gamemakers

Your a little boy and you have been grounded and you heard that your best friends birthday party is coming up! You escape home but then it doesnt turn out how you would of thought... ...
Soul Devide Demo V0.2
by Sabbath93

Soul Devide is a game i have been working on for awile now and am finally releasing the demo to it. its probally not going to be finished anytime soon but hopefully people will enjoy the demo. when i release the game itself i hope it will be rated go ...
The world of the weird
by scdpictures

We made this... This is our first game... But I think everybody will love it!!! We started by making the almost nude store owner.... Then we started making more intresting things like... gangs, the sky, and a gay guy!!!! ...
Tri-Shards: Origins Saga Demo
by Gokulio

This is a story I came up with about a boy named Jake who lives up in the mountains. After hearing about an old grandmaster who has some answers for Jake, he embarks upon a quest to find this old man which will change his life, forever...

Shelter Demo v0.1
by Xziayer

September 26, 2009.
The city of Solunta has become the victim of a lethal viral outbreak that causes victims to die and moments later reanimate as the undead. With the city now turned into the hunting grounds of these creatures, safety is impossible ...
Dark Planet Demo V1
by dragon keyblade

You Are Captian Kai Len Of the Space Protection and Exploring Department (SPED). You have just come out of cyro-stasis and you remember nothing. A few hours after you visit the General the Complete Bomer (CB) You where on crashes.
------------------ ...
Undead Survival
by JustinDaniels

The undead have arrived all over Jackson, MS. The people fled the city and barricaded the whole place so that nothing could ever come out... but they didn't know that there were still survivors in the city. Now the monsters such as zombies, ghosts, d ...
Warzone V1.1
by Gman2zm

Look I know what the tittle says but it screwd up so anyway here is the story. You are a mutant created by a bunch of scientist. One day a clumsy scientist didn't lock the door so now is your time to escape. Also the story line may get confusing late ...
WW2 Soldier Simulation V1.1
by Gman2zm

A WW2 simulation game were you play as the american soldier Sam. See how many enimies you can kill before they kill you. Also thiss is my first game ever so don't get mad if it sucks. Also to fire press the 2 button not the 2 with the "@" sign above ...
Undead World V1.2
by Gman2zm

A giant world wating for you to explore it. what is the world? well it Underworld! Play as as the only human allowed in the underworld and is not exiled. But there is not as much peace as there may seem. There is a war going on were you decided whate ...
Faded DawnFaded Dawn Beta v0.1
by Tabula Rasa

A diplomat's ship is attacked by strange creatures while on its way to the island of Achatano. Everyone he knows is killed, and he is thrown into a dying province held up by the hope of a hero to lead them into a better future... Save the World.... o ...
Just Another Life GameJust Another Life Game :: Demo 5
by Skudgemuffin

JALG is an open sandbox game, where you have the freedom to do whatever you want in a giant city where every building is enterable. Get a job and get promoted-become a decent living citizen; or get a gun and mug every person on the street you see.

The Kingdom RPG V1
by The Kingdom - INC

The controls are simple. the rest is controled by you! Live a life. work are the Mkfries store or the police station. get a new house. fish (2 spots). walk in the park.

fishing (5 spots). New houses. New people. go fishing ...
Valley of Angels Valley of Angels Updated Demo
by Izoe

Can I please just say onething for myself. I want you to know. I make games, not for the graphics. Or for the Animations. But for the Gameplay and storyline. So if you say you do not like how I use so much defualt. Well I will not reply. Thats just s ...
Jump TacticsJump Tactics Demo 1
by pedradas


Arrows Keys - Move character
SPACEBAR / Shift - Jump

Jump, measure the jump, write down all the information, hit records with Jump Tactics DEMO. The jump should be as long as possible. The measure ...
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