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by smurph8

This is my game about nothing. while playing this game the you need no skill.This game is open sandbox.You can do whatever you want to do.

There is no cheats.


Please Rate, its my first game. ...
Mafia UrbanaMafia Urbana
by wilmer_assis

"Also in English version"

O Jogo "Máfia Urbana" é o primeiro jogo do grupo G.O.B.R. Este jogo conta a história de um homem chamado Adan Hero, que tem a filha sequestrada por mafiosos só porque ele não quis ajudar a máfia que estava planejand ...
The Base
by ace3000149

The year is 2267 the world has gone crazy mugging, robbery, and murder. The government have created a base called The Complex, but now that base has been a prison for very bad criminals. Now it has been 2272, the complex is now over- run radiation le ...
Cleage's LawCleage's Law Final
by gabriel191

My first game, Also, the mostly original one.

The name "Cleage's Law" is an anagram for "Eagle's Claw".

WASD - Move
Ctrl - Attack
Shft - Jump
Spce - Magic(NYI)

Cheat Code System

This game was terminated (literally, ...
i assault terror demo v1.1
by carloas

ues un juego basado en la guerra totalmente en español para los de habla

hispana por que son pocos los juegos que hay en español aqui
claro este solo es un demo el real sera en ingles y español

si lo descargas les suplico que porfavor v ...
CIA Agents: Medical RescueCIA Agents: Medical Rescue 1.006.003
by FBIBond007

It is a little gory with guns and blood. You are a spy working for the CIA. The General sends you on a mission to rescue a Doctor who's been kidnapped and locked up and is being guarded by a tough looking man. You need to find important items to unlo ...
The ArchinyneThe Archinyne
by dylmani555

Demo - The Beach

The Archinyne is set in the well known world of Etheria. You have washed up on a beach and realise you must have banged your head because it is bleeding and you can't even remember who you are!

The full version includes:
- Ope ...
Nervonius I: RevengeNervonius I: Revenge v.0.45a (BETA 4)
by Samulis


0.45a IS HERE!!!

Note: BETA version updates:

-New- Dorthold map added and FINISHED!!! Dorthold is the SECOND quest! Bring your sword to it, and you'll be ...
The Mall MassacreThe Mall Massacre
by Rickshaw6000

You are a mass murderer who has become bored, therefore you have decided to take hold of you favorite weapon, the crowbar and head toward the mall. Along the way you mow down a few pedestrians and then exit your car at your destination. Then you com ...
Rob the BankRob the Bank
by Rickshaw6000

You are a Criminal, and the objective of the game is to rob a bank. this is my second game and is very slightly better than the first. (This game sucks!) I want you to know that my third game will be mush MUCH better. ******************************* ...
Strange Awakenings (Up D a t e d!)Strange Awakenings (Up D a t e d!) v1.1
by Rickshaw6000

You Awaken to find your self in a strange place, and you have no idea as to who you are or how you got there. You start your quest to find out who you are.

Setting: Medieval times, Fantasy

Features: Side quests
Hidd ...
Odin's Shadow Demo v0.1
by tuliron

Odin (a demonic trickster) has stolen people away from their homes. And has brought them to his realm. Filled with zombies, monsters, and freaks of nature. Odin's goal is to eliminate the human race, one human at a time. Each human he slays, the stro ...
Escape This Fate Demo
by Minimum-Blood

Your In A screwed Up World Where You Cant Hide. This Place Is Ruled By One Person. He Likes To Kill The Damned On Earth. You Gotta kill Him As Well As Get Out Of There! Can You Escape This Fate? ...
MoRoN QuIz
by Minimum-Blood

This Is The Test! To See If Your a Moron! Take The Test...REMEMBER! If You Mess Up It Will Result To You Starting Over...

Some News
The Minimum-Blood Gaming Website Is Down
It Might Not Look Like it But It Is
Im Not Working On The Website For a ...
The Voice of HellThe Voice of Hell DEMO v0.90
by Zorc


Satan wants the power of an White Soul Skeleton because this species has the ability to get control over the enemys soul after they defeated them. And Satan fears that some day a White Soul skeleton ge ...
Kill All ZombiesKill All Zombies FULL VERSION
by paciulli

Kill All Zombies

Cool stuff:
#Exclusive new art
#New Sounds
#New Guns
#Points system and stores
#No bugs
#New Interfaces
#Overrun Mods
7 phases

Are you stressed out? Cash all his anger by killing the dead!
Use Sawed-Off Shotgu ...
Pokemon DarkCrystal
by Minimum-Blood

Its A Pokemon Game That I Had In Mind...It Sucks Cause Theres Only 4 Gyms And Only 7 Pokemon In The Region...But It Did Let Me Improve My Engine001 Skills! :D ...
I love Faith
by fluffypie374

This is game where you play as my beloved Faith and try to earn 500 bucks to marry someone. Faith gets a choice between marrying me or her ex. boyfriend. There is good graphic and awesome gaming created by impulsive scripting techniques! ...
Zombie Survival
by virmantas2

This game was created by me the virmantas2. I like games with zombies so I created one. In this game you will be able to chosse a sotory line wich will be coled new game and you will be able to play survival mode with 3 maps. In the next part I will ...
Codename XCodename X Demo v1.1
by Phantom_Soulja

Scientist try to create humanoids to control the elements, things go haywire and the humanoid break loose and scatter across the universe, in attempt to fix their mistake they redo the process and create X, it is now up to X to eliminate his brothers ...
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