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The Narglick Adventures - The Pursuit of PlatinunThe Narglick Adventures - The Pursuit of Platinun
by Victor2812


Long ago, there were 10 continents crowded of countries, until Ehdra, a woman, decided to put them together. Each continent has become a nation and turned Axer, Lipertot, Narz, Gul, Lin, Eada, Platinun, Barcula, Y ...
Grand crime city 6 demo v1.0
by tc298

Brazilian version DEMO Gran Crime City 6 tambÃ�¡m conhecido como GCC6 tem a possibilidade mundo aberto onte muitos jogos trazem.O protagonista COLINS terÃ�¡ inumeras coisas para fazer . Bom tem um bug no mapa 2 na missão ela não pode s ...
Thug :: 1
by thefilmdirector1

My first game- you are hired to take down a mob boss, its short and sweet- use the control keys to move the enter button to go to the next trxt box or talk to some one use left control key to attatck and use items, escape key to access menu left shif ...
by faceman

(Do not download unless your my english teacher!)
This is a game i made that's just basically a homework assignment for my english class. Please upload this so my teacher can download it... ...
by WikedWings

**My first game**
**Story** ( Demo )
A small town was invaded by terrorists, the millitary cannot get involved because it would be to my of a risk to try and save the 100's of people being held hostage, so a small S.w.a.t team is sent it to help th ...
The Legend mc
by themc


The Legend mc é um jogo inspirado no jogo online "Runescape", poderas ver que o mapa é parcido, armas parcidas e son iguais, contem 10 missões.

site oficial ..

(Removed link due to games section rules.)

by: mc ...
The InMage Beta v0.1
by The Tony

This is a small DEMO for a game I am working on, don't rate it too seriously because it is nowhere near done. Me and C0c1 are collaborating on this project, like he does most of the special effects that i still need to learn. ...
O destino do gladiador
by tc298

A versão completa do game!!!!agora você não para somente em uma fase você pode zerar o game sem se preocupar em acabar , Está disponivel para download a DEMO e A COMPLETA

Está é a completa!!!!
O game não possui saves só possui respawn!!
Pye: As TorresPye: As Torres
by Victor2812

Pye é um jogo cheio de ação, onde o bem e o mal não são possíveis de se diferenciar. O jogo acontece no século XXI, quando criaturas místicas começam a aparecer, e tudo indica que elas querem tirar os humanos do poder. Erudon e Fickar são o ...
A Knight's TaleA Knight's Tale Completed v1
by kcreddevil

Play as Zar a former knight who for some reason has now been hising in a small village. As a former friend and fellow knight visits and brings with him destruction to Zar's new life for a pendant.
Uncover Zar's past and why he must stop his once dea ...
Grand theft dino :: Demo
by mcx

What happens when cj meet the flintstone? an action pack comedy which will take you to a place you've never imagine. you are mz a caveman criminal that owes the pinking you now have to do a few things for him then youre off the hook ...
Sanction of the Dead Demo
by Effect2129

Sanction of the dead is a all out zombie killing game. Zombie's will never be lost as they will always be zombies.

This game features:

49-Melee weapon's
10-Pistol weapon's
12-Machine Gun's
4-Special weapon's

Suc ...
Reaping Death II: Eternal Death :: v0.7
by Deyas

♣Story Line♣
When A Rebellion takes over earth, you are the only soldier who can stop The Death Reaper's Rebellion. You play as a new recruit for a secret operation, who is fighting the Reaper's Rebels.

•40 levels
•4 Bosses(1 Per ...
Hero's Journey IHero's Journey I Full v2.1
by Hero001

In a world, where monsters rule, you are the one who has to... Save them? From your girlfriend? THATS RIGHT! your girlfriend was cursed as a child, and now in one day, on her 21st birthday!SHE WILL IMPLODE, ALONG WITH THE UNIVERSE. Her x-boyfriend fr ...
Hero's Journey II Demo v1.0
by Hero001

That's right, a sequel. Already? Well, it's just a quick filler to transition to Hero's Journey III, the best storyline is that of Hero's Journey VII: Legend Chronicles. That will be a 3 part series. ...
Storm's Wake Storm's Wake Part 1 of 5
by chaoshero1470

You get the urge to join the army and it just so happens that the local infantry is recruiting - all you have to do is pass a few petty tests. (note: must quit from menu after beating the first boss)It's that simple. Just when you think all is well, ...
The Aberdeen Project
by Steve

Okay. this game is gonna be HUGE. i am slowly mapping out a WHOLE CITY (not a made up city, a real, factual city). This will take a while... so be patient. when you start your game you will create your character and live their life! (school, work etc ...
império romano
by japonica

um jogo para passar o tempo e divertido é um belo jogo de guerra na ultima fazer tem uma ficsao que eu criei e tb criei uma ilha e uma lingua. jogue e se divirta com a guerra, a e esse é meu primeriro jogo. ...
by spike10

there's a game called diablo. With versions 1, 2 and 3. But you know, I and my friends love to make 001 versions of another games. So there's the diablo 1, diablo 2, they are realeasing diablo 3 and now there's the -1 diablo version!
hope you enjoy! ...
Nick nos Labirintos do Reino
by Felipeesqueleto

(this game is brasilian!) Nick um frango muito esperto, passa pelos labirintos do reino de Negor, um dragão que tenta destruir a cidade de Nick! Agora só você pode ajuda-lo! JOGUE O MEU JOGO!!! ...
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