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ViralHazardViralHazard :: 8.75 Beta v.3
by Lord_Flatexx

ViralHazard Teaser
That game was a mirror image of the famous success of Capcom's game "Resident Evil" as he is of type Survivor Horror, which blends features of terror mixed with action.It take place in a quiet town in Britain called Lorraine City ...
Aar'anoorAar'anoor :: 7.19 Game V. 1.71
by Jegar

A strange world. A place of mystery. Perhaps not quite.

This is a mostly platformer game. My first attempt at a sole platforming experience.

Comments/Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Check the thread every so often for updates on content and ...
The HopliteThe Hoplite :: 7.81 BETA 5- v1.01-A
by Samulis

This is patch 1.01-A (Alpha), the fifth version of the BETA. If you are already playing the game, it is recommended that you upgrade to version 1.01-A. Changes can be found on the Landing Page.

Journey back to Ancient Greece and help defend your c ...
SolitarySolitary :: 8.94 DEMO
by Tabula Rasa

SOLITARY is an experimental survival horror adventure game, involving the story of a photojournalist named Alex Gray, who is suddenly thrust from the world he knows and into a nightmare, with horrors lurking at every turn, and ghosts from his past re ...
Road of YulenRoad of Yulen :: 5.4 Demo 1.15
by z3louco2

"At some time ago, the four best knights of the realm had killed the evil. The first knight and the king died. The knight named Franco, became the king. The knight Lothern got the ancient sword Xinus, a very powerful weapon. The knight named Quentin, ...
Tha Zombie DudeTha Zombie Dude :: 5.73
by Ixayou

Unlike all the other zombie invation action games, here the humans are the enemies. Jason, the main character, was killed by an unknown man and became a zombie. Now he wants revenge.

This is my first game, so don't be suprised if you find some gl ...
Apocalypse I - PreludeApocalypse I - Prelude :: 7.2 v0.1
by MIV

The world seems at an end. Rebels, undead, battles of epic proportions. You awaken in Navrosa Station, deep within an underground bunker. But where exactly are you? Who are you? And why are you here?
This Prelude introduces you to the Rebel Threat t ...
(404)Ghost ShipGhost Ship :: 7.53 Demo0.5
by AznaThira

After finding a mystirious distress signal you discover a force so powerful it threatens to replace all life in the galaxy with its own kind. You arrive to find a gruesome bloodbath... prepare to be horrified... For this is without the doubt the most ...
AUA S E V E NAUA S E V E N :: 8 Demo v4.2
by Ammohead

I have worked so hard on this game. Now please note this is a demo and it will contain bugs. Anyway you get on a plane to beauity city and when you arrive you can explore it. Subway station is now usable and you get to travel 2 the second city. The b ...
MentalMental :: 7.87 Alpha Version
by Fizi

The Genesis Facility, a non-government organization is running an experiment that could change the world biological knowledge. Gathering people who have a crime history as the test subject. The Genesis Facility is planning to create a new bio ...
Battle RealmsBattle Realms :: 6.93 v1
by Fuzz

You are Renault a man that is good with a blade. The demo only contains the first quest but features lots of big battles. At the start your village is under attack and you must defeat the invaders. I hope you play it. The full version will contain lo ...
Reign Of Jupiter Reign Of Jupiter :: 7.57 v1.3
by HardcoreHobbit

You start out in a prison, your parents thrown in jail previous to your birth. You get released 16 years later, when a new king takes reign. On your way out, a guard tells you a secret: The king needs someone to work for him. All they need is a let ...
Defend the House!Defend the House! :: 2.93 Demo v0.01
by BigKitty75

the simplest demo... need some help with multiple rounds, earning money, a shop, a system of spawning characters, and the rest i can handle..

please pm any bugs and glitches found..

please rate according to how good the game is... and please ma ...
Megaman2 X-ZMegaman2 X-Z :: 8.21 v2.3.0 (TEST)
by DanielQP

.:: Megaman X and Zero ::.

Update: 2.3.0
//// Notas de Atualização: ////

Dash Implementado*
Deslizar pelas paredes*
pular pelas paredes*
remoção de mapas s sprites 8bit*
Melhorias no COMBO do zero*
adicionado sprites 32bit e alguns ma ...
Hill EdgeHill Edge :: 6.54 Finished Map
by hero_bash

A very short map with no gameplay.
Submitted for a mapping contest.

Kan Gao / Reives - Music
hero_bash - everything else

graphic resources are ripped and not original by me... ...
LOSTLOST :: 6.62 Demo version 1.1
by C0c1

The glich in the begining with the cutscene should now be fixed :)

First off I must say this has nothing to do with the TV show

Your just a normal guy named Duke carrying out a normal life whene a harmful alien race know as the Noctron invade y ...
No TomorrowNo Tomorrow :: 6.77 OLD TEST LEVEL
by Lord Cohliani

In the year 2030 humanity has been destroyed. Only small underground human colonies remain. Your colony has existed for twenty years. The scientists have decided that it is finally time to break out and reclaim the world. They say that about half of ...
OutlandsOutlands :: 8.77 Game V 1.00
by Jegar

The gates opened. The line held, and held, and held.

It was not long before it fell. So many lost.

Through the gates they move, like roaches.

We must reestablish the line.

-Decent collection of weapons
-Var ...
Watch Paint Dry Simulator 2014. Watch Paint Dry Simulator 2014. :: 7.23 Version 666
by DoctorKarnage

Can you handle this EXTREEEEMMMMEEEEEE paint drying action?!?!

In this EXTREEEMEEEEEEEE simulator you get to watch paint dry in ONE exciting room(You need to buy our DLC in order to get more rooms)

This is sure to be the game of the year, so g ...
Kudos Knight :: 5.25 Demo V2
by drakez

You are a knight when you suddenly find yourself in Kudos. The king was going to plan an attack, but he changed his mind. Maybe he shouldn't have. He needed stronger allies, and you're one of them. Hector, the king's brother who everybody has forgott ...
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