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HarlonHarlon :: 8.08 Final Demo
by evergreen

Genre: Horror/ Mystery

Story line: A wealthy executive mysteriously diappears before frounting the court over charges of knowingly mining poisous material, and thus causing over 700 of his employees to die of lung cancer.

Did he run away?, was ...
Cantrel: Chorus Of SoulsCantrel: Chorus Of Souls :: 6.94 Demo1
by evergreen


CCOS is a fantisy RPG, similar to Final Fantasy and Grandia, where you get to choose your characters sex, name and element.

Reasorces are 50% made by me, 25% Ripped and 25% Standard

Thousands of years ago there ...
Cantrel: The City Of Disciples
by evergreen



I cant revel to must about Kaydors past, as it would spoil some of the twists in the story line, but after some sort of axiedent you live with a wood chopper call Chris and his son Hiro. after you relise you ...
RpgOneRpgOne :: Demo 1
by evergreen

my first attempt at a game

has some custom reasorses

Story line:
When your friend ryan is found to have been attacked and in a coma, you and two others set off to find a cure and to find the culprit, but not everything goes to plan- you end up ...