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The Runner :: Alpha v0.1
by Ethmiester

Your name is Gregory. You are the Runner.
Run through the first two levels of "The Runner"! See the amazing special effects and hear the UNREAL sound effects. Mostly though, test for bugs.

Oh, also in the next version, an icon! ...
The QuestThe Quest Beta v0.8
by Ethmiester

In The Quest, you wake up from a black out and don't remember anything. You quickly find yourself fighting a crap ton of monsters, not entirely knowing why. This version of Beta features the ability to change your name, more items, clues from an un ...
The DarknessThe Darkness
by Ethmiester

Here's a game to keep you all busy while I continue work on The Quest. It's a dark game with three alternate endings. Features beautiful music by TheBenjerman. ...
Generic RPG v1.0
by Ethmiester

In this generic RPG, you're a guy who's in a mysterious land without a reason. Walk around and buy stuff for those enemies you'll never incounter. Buy colored clothing and get kewl armor. Discover.... The secret of our world.... (YES, YOU CAN KILL ...