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Prosperity BattleProsperity Battle 0.6b Demo
by kararty

Prosperity Battle, a dungeon arena brawler... you essentially slay monsters, level up and explore huge abandoned dungeons + a couple of outdoor ruins with graphics from Oryx - Roguelike.

This release (0.6b Demo):

* New heroes:
Archer, Warrio ...
legendarylegendary alfa v0.2
by grego00

In this game you control a new hero in search of power and fame, and for that he will have to face monsters and dungeons search of the legendary beasts. Recommend you save before and after each boss. ...
Hannigan Falls Hannigan Falls Demo
by jinorozame

Two brothers stuck at a town called Hannigan Falls. This demo start off at a Laboratory where they might find out how they ended up there in the first place. Both brothers must find clues to find out what is really going on and escape the madness. ...
Raise an Epic Crab! ~Public Access~Raise an Epic Crab! ~Public Access~ Demo: 0.2.9
by Merlin_Kalkinput

"Raise an epic Crab! is all about feeding your crab and making him more and more epic. No story, just getting a more awesome pet"

See forum for more information. ...
Ao Som do K-POPAo Som do K-POP 1.0
by cabrali

Ao Som do K-POP e um jogo de musica criado no 001.
Contem 8 musicas para joga

o primeiro jogo de musica no estilo st ...
JSE Zombie
by The Necromancer123

PLZ PLAY JACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...
Jason Gray Demo v2.99
by Mike Stephen

This is my first horror game ! Can be almost an imitation of Solitay . You are Jason Gray a photojournalist, one day happened horrible things! Bodies. It is very complicated this game, it contains puzzles (sometimes) and contains graphics and Solitar ...
Sharpened Steel testing
by Eclectic gaming

This is a test version.This is a test version.This is a test version.This is a test version.This is a test version.This is a test version.This is a test version.This is a test version.This is a test version.This is a test version.This is a test versi ...
CalculatorCalculator Full Game v9.99
by Mike Stephen

This is an impossible game to do! See and believe!
*Use the Math001.
*Use the interface "Input Code"
And ignore this:MY................................................................mmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummu ...
Steam Survival
by Abdulah

About the Game:

Its a simple yet playful survival game, it'll have the basics of a survival game, like crafting, building and things like that.

For now the game is in somekind of alpha state. You can walk around the map, kill enemies, die from ...
Pac-MenPac-Men Update: 5/15/15
by skullboy99

Sometimes, Retro-Games are always better than Modern games.
Yes, that is right, this is Pac-Man remade on the 001 engine exactly as you remember it on the Atari 2600!

Update 5/15/15 THIS NEW UPDATE INCLUDES: ...
Pokemon Amber
by ReedoInteractive

Pokémon amber is a game I started working on only today, so far it provides allowing of picking a pokemon, pokeballs and showing the pokemon summary area, I am planning on adding a turn based battle system, pokedex and a few more additions, I could ...
AbemoAbemo Completa
by Taytchu Gamer

Demorou mas continuei e agora o Ábemo está completo para download de graça!
"Ábemo" é um jogo bem simples porém há um grande nível de dificuldade neste jogo para sertos tipos de usúarios. O objetivo deste jogo é proteger bolhas de serem at ...
Sons of Gods: The Loki's SonSons of Gods: The Loki's Son Demo v0.2
by Pixren

**Uma demonstração curta para que você tenha uma ideia sobre o jogo.**

Loki, deus do fogo, havia sido exilado pelo próprio Odin pelos maus que causou em Asgard. Quando chegou a Midgard, Loki percebeu que tinha sido privado da Imortalidade. Ele ...
Synergy With Evil - Capitulo 2Synergy With Evil - Capitulo 2 Fix v0.1
by Pixren

** Esse é o objetivo. E sim, os capítulos fazem parte de apenas um jogo só. **
.:Capítulo 2: Os olhos de Ayzael:.
James é atormentado por fragmentos de memórias de funcionários e pacientes. Tentando entender o que está acontecendo naquele l ...
Star Wars IIStar Wars II V1.1

[UPDATE] 11/05/2016
Agradecimentos Especiais a Taytchu Gamer,Por Relatar.Obrigado Qualquer Outra Coisa Ou Bug Sinta-Se a vontade para relatar. :)
-Correção De Bugs e Melhorias.
-Erros De Português Arrumados.
-Alterado Algumas Conversas. Nivel ...
Complicated Gallery IIComplicated Gallery II 1.0
by Morpheus Kitami

In the dark years of the second World War, the lines between hallucination, gallery and reality disappear. Shadows of men walk the streets of Berlin consuming all that they touch. At the center of all this, a Jewish painter enters the mad area of the ...
Fame and FortuneFame and Fortune v0.6
by lcp

Travel to Elkeso and seek your fame and fortune. Something evil lurks below the ground and many adventurers have traveled with dreams of grandeur the forest city of Elkeso. - A fun little button-smasher with several dungeons. Try to solve the myste ...
Adventure WorldAdventure World Demo V1.5
by scream1995

Current Version: Demo V1.5 (NO INSTALLATION REQUIRED)

Adventure World is a new open world game that enables the player to customize a character; many options are available from being a Warrior to a Mage. The player gets to pick a unique name and l ...
Cutlery and a ToasterCutlery and a Toaster Model: 0x01
by tridecagon

Have you ever gotten an irresistible urge to shove unlimited cutlery into an infinitely-large toaster? Me neither, but now you can in this highly-unrealistic math-and-puzzle-based game.

This is just a demo and there is more to come. ...
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