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Darkness StrikeDarkness Strike :: 7.97 V1.07
by Darkvoid

It's been a while since I've released any news on this game (18/09/2015). I am working on it on and off, and the reason it has taken so long is because this is a very huge game. When I release a version of this, it will contain the first half of the ...
The Legacy
by Darkvoid

This will be my 3rd major game project after I finish Oncoming Storm: Darkness Strike. I won't post too much of the plot in the description as it will spoil the game.

The Legacy is a sci-fi, futuristic/steampunk RPG that takes place in Solaris, a ...
Eternos: Rise of Galtis
by Darkvoid

Eternos is a fictional world set in a fictional universe, a universe that I have been working on for years. This shall be one of the games in the series (there will be many games in this series).

Eternos: Rise of Galtis is set in the year of 1691 ...
End Of The Line
by Darkvoid

Screenshots coming soon.
Futuristic game that I've planned for a long time.
This will be a project that I will begin working on when Oncoming Storm is finished. I want to give you an insight on some of the story (no spoilers) and some of the things ...
Elemental FlareElemental Flare :: 7.43 Demo V1
by Darkvoid

Sometime I plan to remake this game, preferably after Oncoming Storm has been finished. Watch this space!

A meeting uncovers a slight problem - an evil sorcerer named Scardeath had been revived. Scardeath's zombie armies plan to destroy legions. F ...
The Battle Arena
by Darkvoid

So, I'm taking a break from games that have dark and serious storylines and have decided on something more fun and simple.
The Battle Arena will have a developed battle system that is different from the standard 001 system - it will have upgradable ...