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Thiphonia - Rage of the GodsThiphonia - Rage of the Gods Demo v0.20
by Zorc


Everything was peacefull until the day an weird clan that called them self Crystal Clan appeared. First they murdered people of any age in the way and plundered villages . The Dragonforce Clan maked it to their main duty to erase that ...
Omok v1
by Mr.Numbers

This is a simple game which is like connect 4, but you can place pieces anywhere on the board and you must connect 5.

This is a two player game, and is really boring with only one person. You have to use your mouse along with left click to place t ...
Ninja BladeNinja Blade v0.3
by shawnbaker

A rpg you have missions that you can do, this is my first real game so have fun! :)

-Ninja Blade v0.1-
-Game Realsed-
-Mission Mode-
-Training Mode-
-8 Items-

-Ninja Blade v0.2-
-Interface Update-
-Updated Maps-

-Ninja Blade ...
Grand Theft AutoGrand Theft Auto Demo v1.0
by HyperGamer

A game I tried to make off of "Grand Theft Auto" you can kill people, do quest and stuff like that (Only In Demo Version So Nothing Big Yet).
You start out in your house, and then you work your way up the list to become the greatest King Pin in the ...
Syntax Media RTS Being fixed!
by Syntax Media

A RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game in which you build to conquer.

In for maintance. Will have animations and better graphics.

In the full version: Nothing extra so far. ...
Mini MultiplayerMini Multiplayer v1.0
by jimjamjom56

A 2 player multiplayer game where two people have a choice of weapons and battle it out in an arena. It's only a small game but fun!

Please tell me if there are any bugs so I can squash them! ...
The Blacksmith The Blacksmith Demo v0.3
by Dasttann777

William is a humble blacksmith, working 24/7 for the King, but then one day the King calls for Him, and pulls William into the Midst of his biggest adventure! This is a Demo/Beta and the real one will be a lot bigger and Better
The Beta Code is "The ...
CheckersCheckers 1.1
by Dunce

Here is a simple game of Checkers. Shows off what you can do with Mouse controls. The only thing not in this is extra jumps after capturing a puck.

I will include a link to the source project as well, so you can see how its all made. I put comment ...
Generic ShooterGeneric Shooter v4.0
by Not Me

Possibly the most generic (yet addicting) bullet-hell shooter ever!

You are a @, and you shoot *'s by left clicking. You need to shoot the %'s to earn points. The %'s shoot red *'s, and they will kill you if you are hit by them. *'s will fly in fr ...
by Zorc

Squibble... a unknown something, and its precious treasure is stolen. Stand up get your treasure back and go your way and safe the world from the evil that will come upon it. ...
Tails Zapper AdventureTails Zapper Adventure Demo
by Apocalipsesoftware

Tails is back! And this time he is alone!
Play with Tails and the Tornado II and fight Eggman's evil Badnicks!
Are you capable of showing Eggman who's the boss and free South Island from the hand of Fatty mc Fat?!

by zzmatheuszz

meu primeiro game (editado) esta um pouco maior espero q gostem

my first game (edited) I hope this slightly larger q like

mi primer juego (editado) espero q esta un poco más grande, como ...
All Night Banana Castle
by ShanigamiHollow

A short platformer in which you play as a banana man in an attempt to rescue your home from a catchy, musical talent. Along the way, you will collect some bananas. There is next to no real story.

This is my first game, and it's rather messy, but f ...
Slender 2d isomentric Alpha v1
by Benben516

This is a early slender isometric game i have been working on please rate and commnet bugs it is not finnished features so far:
Slender man (Of course) one world :( A normal female cahrecter :( only 3 rocks to collect, and an easter egg which you h ...
Shadow Reflection PreludeShadow Reflection Prelude Short Game
by Zaiarogi

A prelude to an epic series...

Dak was a small boy, about three years of age, and he had a best friend. Not a human, not a monkey, not a dog. No opposable thumbs, actually no thumbs at all. His friend, in fact, had no limbs at all. But to the poin ...
(404)The Moon Soul The Moon Soul Beta v0.4
by New MrGameplay3

O ano é 2300 D.D, uma nova era tanto para nossa raça, como para outras, um lugar onde a Tecnologia quase inexistente e os tempos médios se únem para formar um Épico RPG, você é Zake aqui, um Soldado Base que perde seu cargo perante a i ...
City Of DeadCity Of Dead
by Midnight

▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ CITY OF DEAD █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂
You are trapped in a city infested with zombies and your only chance to survive is facing these hungry with buckshot! Shoot all the zombies that are behi ...
by tower07

Burst is a very minimalistic game in which you need skill, finesse, and clever thinking to survive. When you hit anything other than coins you must collect, you will die. But as a chance for redemption, right before you collide with the object, you ...
Ultra CircleUltra Circle beta
by Not Me

A clone of Super Hexagon, made primarily because I was bored. :P

Controls are fairly simple, just click to select a difficulty mode and then use the left and right arrow keys to move. The music is Redshift by exilefaker, but it will be replaced on ...
1970 AD1970 AD V. 1.15
by Jegar

A experiment with a game that uses as little English as possible. Set in the year (0000 0111 1011 0010) you take on the role of a newly stationed Russian Soldier. This game was made for the Metomunc Adventure game contest. Basic content may be added ...
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