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Life of a murderer
by Jizarchi

You play the role of a vampire in a medievil style place travel the land defeating foes humans and trampling over all kinds of creatures help your friends defeat hordes of alliances humans sludge skeletons level up and smite the enemy with a serries ...
Lost ThroneLost Throne
by nate

You are a man living in the town of Ernendale. Life is good. But one night you wake up to see your village on fire, the people dead, and the king to be missing. You escape the death of your hometown, but are followed by the evil Thorn Army. Now it's ...
by Scoobywise

QUEST THE MAZE RPG ADVENTURES 2 is comming soon it will be awsome!!!

Game Will Contain

-14 Levels
-Wolf Men
-Real Like Eniornment
by GameFreakTheGhost

My first uploaded game.No storyline.Crap really.Just a demo game to test how to upload a game...Hope it works...Well,if anyone apart from me gets the final weapon and understands the riddle,then bravo,truly,congrats.Its that hard.Plus,dont try to rid ...
luigi'z manshon
by dude

ever hered about luigi's manshon? then this will be simular as luigi go's back to the manshon and find's that pofesser e. gadd is traped inside. and the king's got a queen. mario in carge of e. gadd's labotry, seeing luigi, prenicess peach and dasy. ...
The End :: 14% done
by Ovoon

The End is a remake of my original, end. The original was terrible. Look for this game soon.

Features include:

Open world

Deep storyline

Dark, original game world

The game makes sense now

It has challenge now

Sound effects

M ...
(404)Survive or ShambleSurvive or Shamble :: wip
by DeathBoxDeadBoxHead

Survive or Shamble 2.0 has taken alot of time as I was always being interrupted in the middle of working on it. As well as trying to juggle work,my future wife,and my friends and other projects.

Anyway This is the work in progress SorS has come a ...
Lost Empire :: demo V0.0
by Static

Lost Empire is A Mideval Game Im Working on it Is Also my first. i have Added Credits.. useing Some resorces..
Game Complete
Adding Classess -
Archer exe.
more Resorces
(need to Add Credits when Demo comes out)
Screenshot ...
Nano ChaosNano Chaos
by insanian

You wake up inside a dungeon, and need to find a way out. As you journey through your quest you uncover something terrible that has happened to you.

Main Features

-Huge areas
-Fight, Spiders, Giant Roaches and Nano-bots
-Some very annoying ar ...
Battlefield Ops
by almcaeobtac

Play through a small introduction battlefield, and prepare for more fierce combat at the base. Includes most of the pre-made weapons for 001, with some cool cutscenes. Tell me what you think about it. More will be made soon! ...
The Dungeon Trilogy: Genesis :: BeingMade
by ProbablyNotGreg

Far away in a land full of mystery and deciet...There is born a man/woman of great responisbility...He/She is to roam the land in search for a dark wizard who holds the key to the survival of the human race...Will He/She prevail...Or will He/She fail ...
rundown side story
by demented_games

this is an alternate little side story to the original rundown game it starts a man who used to know the guy you play as in the original rundown and was his friend intil he was betrayed by him

coming soon.... ...
Danger in the city
by Helton

Um jogo em que você é uma pessoa sozinha em uma cidade onde você compra,rouba alguns carros e explodes alguns aviões,áres restritas mas você insiste em entrar o objetivo do jogo é sair vivo até o final ...
Encounter of the Pablo kind
by Pablo mpg

Hola this is the release of the game's end i can't work on it anymore becasue ofthe two games i am working on like MPG RPG witch is not yet able to be updated. sorry for this inconveince. that game is under development and with the other game it isn' ...
Half Life 2 :: in development
by deadlyvirus

Story: you arrive in "City 17" by train.Dr. Breen unconvincingly reassures newcomers that "it's safer here," you learn the grim details: you've arrived in one of Earth's few remaining cities, and the world is under control of a group described no fur ...
by Bassguy93

A game about Daniel and Sam. The Guys who just wanna get home...

Race in a car avoiding lethal rockets and Scalding Napalm Launchers.

Defeat the boss and u win!!!! ...
Secret Agent
by pedradas

Secret Agent 001 II é um jogo em que você se põe na pele de um agente secreto, não o mundialmente famoso 007, mas sim o um pouco menos famoso 001. Como agente secreto, terá de cumprir missões de assassinato de bandidos, lutar com e ...
Play room
by Joshua8128

Drive a plane, or car. Shoot dummies with all of the weapons. This is really just for training yor 001 gammining skill. Your choice, guns, or vehilcles. This is a basic game that I ade in 5 minutes, but if you wanted could be played for hours! It is ...
Warclassic the ways of a warriorWarclassic the ways of a warrior
by blaista

In a Wordl of strongest armys, the forces of emperial fight for demonstrate his power, with strongest fire arms and
intelligent generals, this is a world of war and Lucius Maximus should become a great warrior and retrieve a powerful weapon, this ...
As aventuras de RafaelAs aventuras de Rafael
by rafareis100

PORTUGUES:Um certo homem chamado rafael tem que matar o lider dos soldados fantasmas que sao caveiras,gosmas etc.
Na aventura do rafael ele aprende varias coisas ele se torna um verdadeiro guerreiro
Download:(Removed link due to games section rules.)
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