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The Grand - LONDON :: 2.43 Demo
by gamemakers

A game demo wich is a bit like: Saints Row, The Godfaher and GTA! This game is full of action and shooting. Also has some strong laungage!!

The games contents:


3 Missions (DEMO)

Over 30 Weapons

25 Collectibles

3 Enemey Gang ...
Resident Evil BR EditionResident Evil BR Edition :: 4.43 Demo v8.4
by Renan_64

You can survive a one city flood of zoombies wanting eat your brain? If yes, then prove in this game whare you goes meet zoombies from the begins untill end.
All exits is brokens, and you will get find other way for escape of the city, but this way ...
S.I.M.S :: 3 Demo v0.2
by icecolddude

Welcome to the world of S.I.M.S! In this game, you can visit places, make friends, get a pet, and more! This game is about life, you have to maintain your body and not lets your stats go down (which they do as time passes) This game also has a day/ni ...
Zombie Swarm Zombie Swarm :: 7.43 v2.5
by tracelight24

Woot!!! Version 2.5 Is Now Available!

Scroll down for a list of new features!

Version 2.5 uploaded on 11/28/09...
Version 2.0 uploaded on 10/04/09...
Version 1.5 uploaded on 9/14/09...
Version 1.0 uploaded on 9/11/09...

An fun clas ...
Thames Jond 00XI -Licence to KillThames Jond 00XI -Licence to Kill :: 5.71 Full V1.0
by pushpeshranchi

This is my first game ever.
It is a game of stealth and action.You are Thames Jond.Your brother has been murdered mysteriously.It's upto you now to get trained as a spy and find out the murderer.You have all the firearms but do you hav ...
SonicX-tremeDashepisodeIISonicX-tremeDashepisodeII :: 7.29
by GoreGames

A new espisode a new adventure!
This time join Sonic Knuckles and Tails to find the emeralds and destroy Robotropolis!
New levels and a Super Sonic spin off! ...
Rico's Adventure :: 7.14
by Rico

When Harybac Kingdom is in trouble only one can save it, Slutman.
In this action packed sidescroller you will embark on the incredible journey as you take down the evil demons plagueing Harybac Kingdom.

In this demo no fluid motion is present you ...
The Game with Sixteen and a Half Million LevelsThe Game with Sixteen and a Half Million Levels :: 7.71
by tower07

No, this is not a joke.
This is a real 001 game with exactly 16,777,216 complete levels,
each with a unique layout and a different color.
Think about that. Let it soak in. Just how big is Sixteen Million?
The game is simple, grab the key an ...
Legend of ZekeyianLegend of Zekeyian :: 7.71 L.O.Z Demo v0.4
by ZodanaBorado

(The Updated Version is made) Just search "Legend of Zekeyian I" and there you go.(Update coming soon guys, and I believe you will like this version) Hang in there I am working as hard as I can, but you won't be disappointed on what I have in store.( ...
Castle Maze 8Castle Maze 8 :: 7.86 New Version
by falcon

After so many request i decided to put better graphics on the castle maze 8.
The castle maze 8 is the first game, that i have made with a short number of stages but all them are very difficult to pass. So this game include modern 8bits style music a ...
CMIX - A New WorldCMIX - A New World :: 8.71 Full Comp. game
by falcon

In the past i made the Castle Maze 32 but now you have two CM adventures in one single game, with a lot of extras, features, atualizations, objects, and secrets. This is game that inclue the castle maze 32 adventure( the maps style still but it is ea ...
Infection XInfection X :: 8 Full game S.C
by falcon

Only with special content!!!

You are James Volter, a Falcon squad soldier. The world was taken by a terrible being that is trying to destroy our own planet. At the moment you are in RX-8, the planet that we think being the kinai home and your obje ...
Warriors of Hope and the Blind BirdWarriors of Hope and the Blind Bird :: 7.29 DEMO v 0.2
by Nick S F


A muito tempo um habilidoso alquimista criou doze laminas para vencer uma guerra contra uma população de monstros. As doze foram dadas a doze guerreiros, mas dez deles traíram a humanidade, com exceção de dois deles.
Para demons ...
FWAT Coutry: JapanFWAT Coutry: Japan :: 8.14 :: Testando
by Lord_Hades

Não Recomendado Para menores de 18 anos.(Linguagem Chula,Violência,Uso de Drogas e Sanguinolência)

Use the Code type Christmas "NATAL"
Use o Código de Natal Digite "NATAL"

FWAT (Free Walk Around Town) country: Japan.

o Jogo se Passa em ...
Maxcraft - New Upgrade 6Maxcraft - New Upgrade 6 :: 7.14 V 0.6
by docmine

Maxcraft is a 2D platform game inspired by Minecraft, After Years without Update (and I also lost the Source Code) I am releasing an Update with the game totally Remaked, in this update I bring with many blocks and sprites new and totally new menus, ...
~Red Reaper~~Red Reaper~ :: 8.71 Demo
by Raykorn

Game is available only in English language version!
This game is Platform shooting one, You take a control of a hero who does not know his role in world at war.
Game offers You:
- Two weapons!
- Shop with upgrades, ammunition, healing!
+ health ...
REGT's V4 RTGREGT's V4 RTG :: 8 Update 1
by RamchuK_Ntertainment

Ramchuk Entertainment Games is proud to present an Official Demonstration of the V4 Random Terrain Generator (RTG)! You might have heard of it on the Forums, but here is your chance to see it live in action. Our V4 RTG is the 4th in a series, being a ...
Poe city :: 5.17
by poepoe

A short game, in wich you are a guy and you can do anything, there isnt a plot... but there is a boss and to get there there are things you need to do! I will not reveal them, the cheat for those that want to know is 1337! ...
Simmen :: 5.33 demo (0.001)
by Lucar

You play as an artificial organism (fake person) created by a Genius professor. Though some of the organisms have better ideas than just having a normal life... so you arn't going to have one either!

Though you do have to take care of the bad guys ...
Apacalypse :: 4.17 (Complete)
by Yodawg

You are Henry Wells a retired detective who embarks on a epic adventure! This is my first game so it might kinda suck, I am currently working on a much better game that will take me up to 5 years. But for now, enjoy! ...
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