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Ball BouncerBall Bouncer :: 8.36 v1
by Mr.Numbers

This is a free to play game brought to you by Mr.Numbers Productions.

The goal of the game is very simple, using your mouse bounce the ball from the start to the finish. Though this sounds easy enough some levels may be fairly difficult at first t ...
Jump!Jump! :: 8.83 v1.1
by Mr.Numbers

A game created for the Engine001 Contest.

In this game, you play as a ball getting from the start to finish.
It is a repetitive-styled game play consisting of numerous levels (1-1 to 5-5), each filled with different obstacles and traps! You will ...
Omok v1
by Mr.Numbers

This is a simple game which is like connect 4, but you can place pieces anywhere on the board and you must connect 5.

This is a two player game, and is really boring with only one person. You have to use your mouse along with left click to place t ...
Happy Man Pack Man (Redone) Demo
by Mr.Numbers

This will take over the my old submission for Happy Man Pack Man. When this version is more complete than the other, the other one will be deleted. This is just to have people test out the new remake. ...
Happy Man Packer Man! (HMPM)Happy Man Packer Man! (HMPM) :: 8.37 Beta v2 - New
by Mr.Numbers

This is it folks, the one, the only, HAPPY MAN PACKER MAN!

This is one of the most wanted-to-be-released games on the 001 forums as it is!

In this game, you embark on a long journey to find your damsel in distress, Dottie.

Dottie has been ta ...
Dance Dance001! :: 7.67 BeTa0.1
by Mr.Numbers

Dance Dance 001!

How good are your reflexes?

In this game you use the arrow keys (Up, Down, Left, Right), to hit falling arrows when they line up with an arrow outline.

There are currently 5 game difficulties, Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert and ...
Color Collab
by Mr.Numbers

Color collab is a simple Peer-To-Peer drawing program.

In order to get someone to connect to your server it may be necessary to port forward the port "14444" to your machine if they are connecting outside your network (Depends on router setup).
T ...