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Pokemon DarkCrystal
by Minimum-Blood

Its A Pokemon Game That I Had In Mind...It Sucks Cause Theres Only 4 Gyms And Only 7 Pokemon In The Region...But It Did Let Me Improve My Engine001 Skills! :D ...
Supirior Blood Full Game v0.1
by Minimum-Blood

These Two Victims Tell Thier Stories...Zak And Jackson....Two Normal People...Zak Is A Regular Man While Jackson Is With The Army...Jack Gets Taken By Some Unkown Person While Zak Is Almost killed...MB Gaming Presents...Supirior Blood

Silent Hill Homecoming :: Coming Soon
by Minimum-Blood

Your Name Is Alex...Youve Woken Up In a Mental Hospital Known As Alchemy Hospital And Your Trying To Escape...Find Maps And Clues To Break Free From That Wretched Place...

What Am I Saying? Its All A Dream! Your Brother Josh Is Missing So Ya Gotta ...
MoRoN QuIz
by Minimum-Blood

This Is The Test! To See If Your a Moron! Take The Test...REMEMBER! If You Mess Up It Will Result To You Starting Over...

Some News
The Minimum-Blood Gaming Website Is Down
It Might Not Look Like it But It Is
Im Not Working On The Website For a ...
The Project Demo V.2
by Minimum-Blood

This Is The City Of Denver. Everything Is Peaceful Until...It Happens...An Earthquake Stricks And Everyone Goes Crazy! And Now There Are People Who Seem To Be...Zombified... ...
Escape This Fate Demo
by Minimum-Blood

Your In A screwed Up World Where You Cant Hide. This Place Is Ruled By One Person. He Likes To Kill The Damned On Earth. You Gotta kill Him As Well As Get Out Of There! Can You Escape This Fate? ...
Unreal TournamentUnreal Tournament Demo v0.1
by Minimum-Blood

Youve Entered A Year Of 2091 Where The Goverment Is Too Week To Take Care Of The Criminals In The City. So They Gathered All Them Up And Placed Them In A Competition.You Are One Of Them.Your Strength Is Legendary! Use That Strength To Win The Tournam ...