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Contagion!Contagion! :: Demo v0.1
by lbdl

You're in a zombie apocalypse, what would you do to survive? will need more than teamwork!

you will play with four characters, each has a story that at a certain time they will join.

This set contains

two-player mode

various types of effe ...
ConsequêncesConsequênces :: 7.44 :: Full V2
by lbdl

soon after having escaped of the tragedy in the land. Freeman is captured by the Breen dictator.
being led for a death penalty.
But Rouf an old friend does not leave this to happen
changing the registers
Thus freeing Freeman

You are Freeman it ...
Zombie PanicZombie Panic
by lbdl

zombie survival is a modification of "CONCEQUENCES"

For now he only has two map!

a map of survival and another map with mission

containing two arms


support for two players