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The Cute ThingsThe Cute Things :: 6.9 v0.1
by RPGking

Cute things, all soft and fuzzy, just want to go ahead and pet it... kill it, slice its head open with a battle axe, chop it in half and bathe in its blood!

In this game, there are 2 factions. The Cute Things, and The Evil Things. The cute things ...
Peppy's 8-Bit AdventurePeppy's 8-Bit Adventure :: 7.7 Full Version 2.0
by Peppy2006

Peppy has been dropped into a strange new world... The world, of 8-Bit games. This time, Peppy has been drafted once again, to destroy a strange super-weapon, being built by some strange new terrorist group. Can Peppy destroy this super-weapon before ...
(404)WastelandsWastelands :: 7.4 0.03
by priest865

Turn Based Battlesystem
This is no Game at the moment just a turn based Battle System! Its not even a Demo, you can call it an Alpha version so expect unfinished Animations and Bugs.

Every 0.5 Seconds the character adds Actionpoints to his Action ...
my lifemy life :: 5 v1.2
by dude

this is a HUGE GAME. it has a file of 68.59MB. the uprated verishon is now out with a Luigi's mansion (not finished) it's like 2 games in 1. and has prank calling in it.and u can go underwater and have a trident. now has cheat codes. ...
mario legends :: 1.33 demo
by roblox

in this game you play as mario you must find out why monssters are every ware and every ones missing oh dont let toads worth dye or the game quits

this demo has
4 types of enemys 2 normal enemys 1 mini boss 1 boss and a verson of the boss you ha ...
rundown :: 1.44 demo v.4
by demented_games

,a man goes home to find that his family has been murdered by some guy you have to go throught cops,gangs,and drug dealers just to find the guy who killed his family
new features-
first storyline mission
even bigger town
and more

sorry it too ...
Keep Your ConsioucnessKeep Your Consioucness :: 5.33 Full Version 1.2
by Ammohead

This is a modern game of survivle and free roam. Stay alive and if you loose some health hunt for some food. You can find weapons spread throut the jungle.Please enjoy Now updated full version. Bugs fixed ...
AUA 6 Return Of The World AUA 6 Return Of The World :: 6 Full version v7
by Ammohead

your girl friend was killed by a drug dealear sanders. you returned to beuity city to gather weapons and other things to get revenge and finally be put to peace.Bugs fixed. ...
The World ProjectThe World Project :: 6 Demo V.1.2
by Kirby

This is 'The World' Project
-Great sound effects
-A lot of items
-A lot of weapons
-Non-lineair gameplay


But there's more, just play it.
The game starts in a city called 'First City' You are ...
World War III: Red BattalionWorld War III: Red Battalion :: 3 Full v1.0
by Steve

Take control of Private George Mansfield as he passes through the battle scarred countrys just trying to stay alive... and get promoted.

**Over 60 maps!!**
**Skirmish mode!!**
**1...2..3... A lot of items...**
**video options button re-inserted ...
Psychotic Psychotic :: 6.33 Demo V 1.0
by RPGking

"a man can only be pushed so far until he breaks"

You have been locked up for 6 years in the state Asylum. You have been locked up for a crime you didn't commit...

The night is cold and bitter, as always the scragly silhouettes of the trees swa ...
Zombie Defense :: 4.56 V1.3 FULL
by cozmo195

IF you going to rate please tell me what you rated it and why on game topic and what made you vote that

When played rate and give feedback :D

Note :
my time zone is diffrent to website so its says uploaded on 24/12/09
Pictures out of date
Tex StickmanTex Stickman :: 8.11
by Peppy2006

Meet Tex Stickman. Your average everyday American redneck... He likes to drink moonshine, shoots birds and large animals (Usually he's too drunk to tell the difference) and lives in a log cabin in the woods above town.

One evening while listening ...
The PurgeThe Purge :: 8.89 V 1.22
by Jegar

-Old school RPG stat system
-A varied selection of weapons (12+ Weapons)
-4 enemy types as of now
-Research able enemies to gain an edge
-Weapons that inflict specific damage to opponents (EX: Anti Armor and Anti Personal weapons)
-Se ...
The Ocean's DeepThe Ocean's Deep :: 8 Demo
by Jesse Bangerter

The Ocean's Deep is a game in which you play as Douglas Hall, a book collector and freelance journalist. You are on a journey to find a book called "Peace from Etymology," which takes you to the town of New Barron, where the book was last seen.

G ...
200vs10200vs10 :: 5.13 First level
by rob2021

You play as a Spartan with 10 other of your soldiers you have the highest ranking armor and weapons together you must fight aginst 200 skeltons and the skelton general having the most hp and defence you are a trained warrior spartan fight till death! ...
Red Vs Blue: The Blood Gulch ChroniclesRed Vs Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles :: 5.13 DEMO
by revenger

In this demo of my first game, play as Private Michael J. Caboose and explore Blood Gulch.


Drivable M808B main Battle Tank

Beta Version of Warthog labeled "Puma"

Interactive characters

Beta Weapon -- MVII Crusader Triple-fun ...
InsaneInsane :: 7.13 Demo 1.1
by hellblade


The Prison Ship UPS Ravenger is in the process of a transfer mission. When the ship travels closer to a never explored planet, the ship is caught in the planet's gravitational field. The UPS Ravenger crash lands on the planet, and ta ...
(404)Fox Team AlphaFox Team Alpha :: 5.38 Demo v0.2
by CounterZER0

The World needs a Hero, what it got was Three. A new Terror is being created in a Top-Secret Lab and all Hell is breaking loose. A new kind of War is on the horizon and one Team can stop it from happening... Fox Team Alpha. Denied by the Government, ...
(404)Night Night :: 7.13 Demo v0.2
by Bruno coelho

Este game eh a minha melhor prducao. ele se passa em uma cidade chamada San Gnard,onde voce controla um homem simples chamado Diego.


no cemiterio da catedral de San Gnard,dois homens entram no meio da madrugada para enterrar um ...
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