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(404)The Return Of The Living Dead Fan GameThe Return Of The Living Dead Fan Game :: 7.6
by StarBeef

This is a demo of a fan game based on the 1984 film The Return Of The Living Dead. While the film contains blood n' guts, lots of swearing and indeed nudity, this demo does not - though I suspect the finished game will!.
There are currently no game ...
Porfirio Meets A GirlPorfirio Meets A Girl :: 8 Demo v0.1
by xWar_and_Piecex

This is all about a Puerto-Rican man (me) who one day meets his favorite celebrity. He has to start from his home and find his way to get to L.A. But how?? Play the game and then you will see!

**Disclaimer: This is a fictional game based on the ...
Battle On MarsBattle On Mars :: 8.2 Quick Demo v1.0
by JamX

Did it as an english assignment, but decided to submit it as a contest game (just to see how it'd do). It has no menu, game launches from beginning. It is automatically 2-player.
p1 -w/s choose, a/d make selection
p2 - left/right arrow c ...
Oculus Origins Benchmark Oculus Origins Benchmark :: 6.2 Alpha v0.0.1
by coffeennicotine

This demo is VERY short. Just a fraction of the first bridge stage

**Please post any slowdown issues to the games thread. Include CPU, RAM, Video Card and screen resolution with post so I can set some sort of a minimum benchmark spec for the game ...
Legend of Zekeyian ILegend of Zekeyian I :: 8.2 LOZ I Demo v0.5
by ZodanaBorado

Working as hard as I can on the script and a good story, but when the full version is released I hope you will enjoy it. (Thanks for the rating guys!) I think I will go ahead and continue to finish making this full game.Okay guys still work to be don ...
Jurassic Park Os EsquecidosJurassic Park Os Esquecidos :: 7.2 0.2
by Felix

Classificação: TEEN
Inapropriado para menores de 13 anos.

Você é Dr.Harding, responsável pela saúde dos herbívoros;
Mas quando Dennis Nedry estragou tudo, Jurassic Park perdeu controle;
Um dia depois Dr.Harding viu John Hammond na Jeep c ...
Poop ClickerPoop Clicker :: 8.2 v099
by kararty

Poop Clicker! (It's an game!)

Click your way to the unlimited amount of poop!
Gain more and more poop and become the greatest poop maker in the world
and then in the universe!
(Please note that this game might make your daily life seem
dist ...
by Scorchy60

Holdout is a zombie shooter game you start in a supermarket where the customers have turned into zombies. After you wander into Togo village and defeat zombies hiding in secret passages finally you get to fight the zombie lord. I have updated this ve ...
Killjoy: Brickgarden
by tracelight24

This is the first map of a series of maps I will make for a game called Killjoy. So in killjoy its like halo, or any other online multiplayer fighting game, except its not online. But its still fun just a note though- there is a bug that sometimes ha ...
The Hero's Journey of Revenge 1.0
by lordhalo

This is my first game.The game is based on the classical Hero's Journey. It has taken me about four days to complete this. I used part of the Sample map to make this. I also used many resources from others. ...
by solle1998

Hello! this is my first game i have mayde maybe contains bugs and spelling error however the game starts at the little village of Li where an old man found you unconscious in the wood when you wakes up from the church he tell's you to go talk to the ...
Codelist .2 CENSCORED
by chickenburro

This is a carbon copy of Codelist, except with no swearing, sexual references, or death. I replaced all the bad words with more appropriate phrases and words. Like, "sunshine" or "rainbows". Anyways, enjpy! ...
Legend of NULegend of NU DEMO v0.2
by googleman

Are you NU to the game

Nu is creature of its own kind. Not the brightest, not the strongest, but he can own the world. With portals leading to his own rivals, he can make through the hardest of obstacles only he can. Locked into the Hall of Nu, ...
Shaleton Demo V1.7
by Cameronx1

Newest Shaleton Demo, alot more playable with tons of new features, maps are more full and enemys spawn at a good rate so you never run out of stuff to fight, have fun and please rate. ...
MiniGames Island
by gamemakers

A Island Of Differnt Kind Of MiniGames!!! There Might Be A Few Errors Though!!

This Game Contains:

4 Differnt MiniGames

SaveAble Game

MoveAble Charater

One Hard Mode Game ...
Stick world war. Demo
by MR_poker

This game is about war !
You are a stick. There are two teams.
The green stick soldiers and the red stick soldiers.You are playing in green stick army.There are lot of interesting misions.
All sticks are smiling and that make game more funny. Enjo ...
The Burning MistsThe Burning Mists V2.0
by Spectre

The resources have been majorly changed. We are still working on the Equipment menus, loading and title screens. Please rate and post on the forums!

'The first day of summer in the land of Altathar. The sun shined high in the sky. The shadows it c ...
Silence of DeathSilence of Death Demo v0.4
by A Renan Produtions

"Who like of Silent Hill going to like this game."
In the lasts months I staying to one game peer by the Silent Hill, I not like of put demos, but the game still not complete, when the game will was complete I put here.
This is a game of much lo ...
~The Rangers of Glidien~~The Rangers of Glidien~ Version 1.0
by JJ1009

Its more of an opening to the game then a game itself for the moment. It is an action RPG, with a deep storyline. I did not create this, my brother made it.

You are Will, an orphan who must find his destiny and defeat evil!


In th ...
The Legend of Zelda, The Tri-QuestThe Legend of Zelda, The Tri-Quest BETA v0.06
by mouseyboy

This is my first game.

The Legend of Zelda, The Tri-Quest is based after Minish Cap.

Basicaly... long ago, in the land of hyrule, there was a race called the minish. The minish were a bit like elves, but thumb sized. They lived all, over the pl ...
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