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D_pleXD_pleX v0.3
by RamchuK_Ntertainment

Your ordinary Match 3 meets 001, it’s an epic story. Quite frankly, this is more of a 48-hour design challenge that ended up no place; not even with a main menu. Just sit down, relax, and swipe some points while you’re at it. Maybe you can also i ...
DownoutDownout Demo
by Jegar

-2.5d First Person Roleplaying Game
-Sci-fi themed, explore a desert planet, and engage the native wildlife.
It is a simple and short game, leveraging the basics in 001's First Person capabilities. ...
Sanction of the DeadSanction of the Dead v1.1
by EFFEKTrecords

Genre: Horror

This game is based off of an old abandoned school called "Apollo High School" located in Burlington, IA. It is a school that is here in my town that is noted as one of the most haunted-est places due to it bein built on a Indian buri ...
O Herói viajante e a crise do continente KrystiaO Herói viajante e a crise do continente Krystia Beta 1.0.4
by rafakun

UPDATE 1.0.4- O "UPDATE Feito as pressas"
-Novos locais disponiveis: Guilda dos aventureiros e as cavernas que levarão ao topo das montanhas (ainda incompletas)
-Um novo NPC Importante é introduzido.
-Os elfos agora possuem o mesmo t ...
Fungi FrolicFungi Frolic 1.0
by Koutacles

Take on a series of enchanting puzzle-platformer challenges, then make your own! Explore a 10-level campaign of increasing difficulty that also teaches you the fun interactions between objects!

Coming soon: the level editor! Make and share your ow ...
SUPER 7 GRAND DAD: Ultimate BoogalooSUPER 7 GRAND DAD: Ultimate Boogaloo Version 2.5
by Wire

Grand Dad is back and this time the adventure comes to your computer!
Mary Pizza Pop is back and this time he wants to turn the world into a Pizzeria world order! Only the Grandiest of Dads can stop this Pizza maniac!

-Bad Translation!
-4 new le ...
CubixalCubixal Beta 0.0.1
by Boblifey

The world has been destroyed into tiny pieces, its up to you to find the pieces and put them back together.

Q,E: Rotate the Cam
WASD: Move
Shift: Build Mode by (Holding and click on white fragments.)
Left Click: Destroy Block

Game ...
Spy game Demo 1-2 levels
by rob2021

This game is about a spy whos mission is to kill enemys using stealthy tactics you get a knife pistail silencer enemy disguise and normal cloths the game is going pretty good in about 3 months it should be done ...
Holdout 2
by Scorchy60

Holdout's back! On the way to the survivors camp Rich's chopper crashed now he's caught up in another fight for survival against the zombies will he ever make it to the surviviors camp?

P.S. If enough people like this game I will make Holdout 3 ...
One Shot The GameOne Shot The Game Demo V 1.1
by bboy920

This Is The First Demo For The Game One Shot.

Earth,2010. You are the last hope for earth,After your training you discover a weird egg of some sort....Its a Malatonian egg..The Malatonians are creatures from the planet Malatonia That can take any ...
IS Invasion Spy - The first researchIS Invasion Spy - The first research Finalized
by Sr_Misterio

Finalizado, a parte 1 desse jogo foi finalizado, agora está completo, mas lembrem-se de que ainda tem a segunda parte!

Finalized, the part 1 of this game was finished, is now complete, but remember that you will have the second part! ...
War Zone demo
by Joshua8128

You are in a town. BOOOOOOOOM! Some one next to you is dead! You see a guard! You ask him something and he gives you a scroll for the Head of guards. He is at the end. Go through 6 maps of guns and with only 3 brakes; at the beggining, at the middle, ...
by MarioFlambe

They grow up so fast!
The game is called ArmandoScape(YEAH, ARMANDO'S MY FIRST NAME!)
This is only the Demo.
the game will be BIG, so i'll probably finish in like, JUNE!
So, as for the game....... ...
St.Prision Escape Full Game
by gamemakers

Easy game to play. Bit like Saints Row 2 but obviously its not better! Full insturctions Coming soon! Now heres the gaming desc:

Your a young lad in 2010 in prision for commeting murder to a gang called HomeCone's! You take down the police stati ...
hot race demo
by kingmikey95

this is my demo to my new raceing game i made this becouse there was not meny raceing games so i thought it would be fun to make one hehe hehehe (dont know why i did the hehe for) ...
XJ220 - HotDriversAtNight
by gamemakers

A demo of a new racing game. The PlayTheLeague button is not avaible on demo! AboutTheGame:

From the creaters of MiniGames Island and St. Prision Escape comes a burned out wheel game. Race in the air Race in the sand Race in Lanes! It's the tim ...
D001MD001M Demo v0.001
by revenger

Cpl. Guy Dumont is a career marine in the UAC Special Division. After getting a distress call from a science base on Phoebon, the UACSD is called in to take care of the problem. What they aren't expecting is that the Phoebon project has opened a port ...
The average guy simulation RPGThe average guy simulation RPG Local Area Demo
by Locodude567

You play the averag guy, who at first leads a relaxing life on his own who can practically do what he wants. Until he starts to fall into a sinister plot of stealing, murdering .etc. You first try to tell the police about it, but they wouldn't listen ...
Reaping Death I
by Deyas

As it was in the origin of time....When there was darkness....and in every corner of darkness there were monsters, and in monsters you find life and death.Within death you find a Reaper, a Reaper of death.With each Death Reaper there is a hero to sto ...
Zombie GameZombie Game Demo v0.1
by RPGking

When the epidemic started, nobody paid any heed, nobody thought it would spread... they thought it would be taken care of overnight. They could wake up and everything would be okay. It wasn't...

Now you must find your family... and fight to surviv ...
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