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I Am A BitI Am A Bit Release
by 2cool4me4

I Am A Bit. I Am Traveling Through This Data Pipe. I Am Capitalizing All Of My Words.

Can you collect pieces and rack up a huge score before being taken down by viruses? I doubt it.

Play GOTY 1985 and... do a thing. ...
Snow Shoveling Simulator 2014Snow Shoveling Simulator 2014 Release 1.1.1
by 2cool4me4

"You'll never make a living shoveling snow!" your parents yell as you storm out of the room. You run to the shed, find the closest thing to a shovel you can, and run away from home. It's a fresh snow in Really Big City, and you're ready for anything. ...
A Movie-yet another thingy
by 2cool4me4

Well, here I am again, with another demonstration in 001. This time, it's a 7 second video, with some interfacing thrown in. This took about 2 hours of work, mostly wondering HOW THE HECK to get the video file to be small enough to load into 001! Jus ...
Quest for Sokrena - Halted due to suckinessQuest for Sokrena - Halted due to suckiness Dead - 1.1
by 2cool4me4

This game simply stands as an example... DON'T ever rush through the story on your game.

Quest for Sokrena ACT 1!

Sean is a normal man. He has come to a strange place called Sokrena for vacation, and he wants to have a good time. But little d ...
Drum CommandDrum Command Demo 0.1
by 2cool4me4

Rating is disabled because this game is in Beta, and is not anywhere near finished. Sorry.

When the world of Kerfilana was created, 4 tribes of humans were banded together. War was done spontaneously, and without much reason, because people could ...
Study Helper
by 2cool4me4

I, 2cool4me4, break what you all expected from 001 yet again! Now I've made an app that relies completely on the internet. The first ever on 001. Study helper connects to the internet to retrieve tests, which it then allows you to take.

Also, I g ...
Double oh one OS :: 8.17 Beta 0.1
by 2cool4me4

Hey! If someone has an idea for a program or fix, post in the forum topic by clicking above!

This is the 001 OS, a Operating System for any computers in your game! Now there are three programs: E-mail, Word Processor, and Music. There are now 4 so ...
Quest for Sokrena: Act 2Quest for Sokrena: Act 2 Demo 0.1
by 2cool4me4

Sokrena, it is gone. They destroyed it. You have to get the raw materials to rebuild Sokrena, before it is too late! If no one saves Sokrena, the world is a goner. Play as Sean, the normal man who came to Sokrena on Vacation. He had to get the energy ...